Gift Guide: Gifts for the Goddess who will change the world

Gift Guide: Gifts for the Goddess who will change the world

As individuals, we are all powerful enough to make big changes. The only thing we need is to believe in ourselves and our own unique power. For the people in your life who are fighting for change, doing activist work, working to improve their communities and the world at large, this gift guide features pieces that ignite inner power and raise inner strength to help them keep going no matter the obstacles in their way.

Safety & Justice For All Necklace Set - For your inner activist or any activists in your life, this necklace set featuring Themis, Goddess of justice, and the Hope Blossoms Amulet is a reminder that we all have the power to initiate change.

Gaia Layering Set - The perfect set for environmentalists, climate activists, and Earth-conscious warriors who want to protect the planet.

Garden of Choice Amulet - Advocating for reproductive rights has never been more important, and this beautiful amulet centers the relevance of women’s voices in this fight.

Woman Power Ring - All women are powerful, and this ring serves as a reminder to always dig deep to unearth that power, especially when you are being underestimated.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Necklace - Allow this RBG necklace to galvanize your inner justice-seeker to make the world a more equitable place.

Joan of Arc + Diamond Sword Necklace - A woman who never backed down, Joan of Arc continues to inspire centuries after her cruel execution.

Harriet Tubman Bracelet - Without her strength and determination, the world would be a different place. Let her inspire you to take risks and do the hard things.

Warrior Goddess Bracelet - Unleash the power of warriors like Artemis, Mulan, and Joan of Arc to raise inner strength. 

I Can & I Will Bracelet - The woman who is going to change the world needs a constant reminder that she can and she WILL.

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