Goddess Kali’s Revenge

Goddess Kali’s Revenge

You want to unearth Kali? She symbolizes the death of the ego, Hinduism’s ultimate goal of human life in dharma. She’s also the embodiment of shakti, female power and prowess dating back in ancient texts to 1,000 B.C. Kali’s earliest appearance was her summons to earth to destroy all evil, no big deal.

Kali must face an army of demons led by Rakthabeeja, who had the power to clone himself from every drop of blood fallen on the ground. Making it nearly impossible to defeat him. But our Goddess Kali destroys him by drinking all his blood and eating his clones. As the ultimate protector against evil, she becomes frighteningly blood thirsty, destructive, and seductive. 

She’s known to prowl cemeteries amid death and decay, reminding us our world is a temporary graveyard where all creatures born must one day die. A creator and destroyer full of contradiction, her four hands are very significant. Two hands symbolize destruction and demolition of evil and the other two symbolizes pure, eternal love toward mankind.

Become her devotee and she will guide you through your intuition and dreams.

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