Which Goddesses speak your love language?

Which Goddesses speak your love language?

Goddesses, they’re just like us – they have love languages too. These days, knowing your love language is right up there with knowing your zodiac sign. In fact, knowing your love language can go a long way in ensuring you are on the right track in your romantic life. And we all want to be on the right track as opposed to on a runaway train, right?

If you’re unsure about your love language, here’s a quick crash course to get you up to speed, as well as an intro to the Goddess who shares it. If you’ve already taken our Goddess Quiz and found out which deity you’re most aligned with, no worries – take this opportunity to create a brand new set with your love language and Goddess. You can never have too many Goddesses in your life, after all.


A person with this love language appreciates receiving gifts, but it’s not the monetary value behind the gift that is usually treasured – it is the gift’s symbolic value or the fact that a lot of thought and care went into choosing said gift.

If we had to make an educated guess, we’d say Goddess Pachamama’s love language is also gifts. The Andean fertility Goddess, whose name translates to Mother Earth, was a benevolent being who bestowed upon her children (humanity) great abundance. Now it’s up to us to not only say thank you, but give back and honor her generosity with our own.


Words of Affirmation

This love language is all about positive verbal reinforcement. If this is your love language, you no doubt appreciate getting genuine compliments, hearing “I love you” often, and receiving a lot of verbal encouragement.

Words of affirmation as a love language had to be right up Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s alley. As a Supreme Court Justice, RBG was nothing short of a wordsmith with argumentative skills honed to perfection. She’d no doubt appreciate anybody who could keep up with her and give her genuine verbal praise, encouragement, and positive reinforcement.


Quality Time

If you speak this love language, you are the type to appreciate and value people spending time with you above all else. You love having time to share experiences and bond with the ones you love.

Who could possibly value quality time more than Demeter? When daughter Persephone was kidnapped by Hades and forced to spend six months out of the year with him, Demeter was distraught. So when Persephone was finally back from the Underworld, Demeter made sure they had plenty of time together to make up for Persephone’s absence. 


Physical Touch 

Physical touch or affection is high on your list if you speak this love language. It can go beyond just sex or kissing, however, and include hand holding, massages, hugs, cuddling, etc.

Sensual Aphrodite is the Goddess who immediately comes to mind as someone whose love language is physical touch. As the Goddess of Beauty and Love, she revered every gesture of love, but physical touch trumped them all.


Acts of Service

Love it when your partner does the dishes, cooks dinner, or fills your car with gas without you having to ask? Then your love language is definitely acts of service.

Florence Nightingale’s life’s work was in acts of service to those who needed her most. The founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale rose to prominence during the Crimean War, where she served as a manager and trainer of nurses, tending to the wounded to ease their suffering.


When you wear one of our Goddess pieces, you immediately feel the energy of your Goddess zipping through you. It’s a powerful experience that can give you renewed strength to conquer your day or tackle a new project. With your Goddess by your side, there’s nothing you can’t do, as long as you believe in this divine connection. As you align your love language with a Goddess, you can also manifest more love in your life, with people who will understand your unique communication style.

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