“Would you like to hear what I think?” Advice from the Moms of Awe

“Would you like to hear what I think?” Advice from the Moms of Awe

Motherly advice. Whether it’s everything you need, appreciated or totally unsolicited, the advice we get (and give) from the mothers in our lives remain in our heads like little voices — speaking to us at sometimes the very right moment.

To celebrate Mother’s Day at Awe, we’ve put together a little wrap-up of our best Motherly advice — either something we’ve been told by our own mothers, or something we tell our children. Hopefully one of these pieces of advice inspires you in some way or nurtures any healing you need.

“My mother would remind me in hard times, or during moments of struggle, that it's important to think positive because manifesting happiness and positivity brings about the light and the perseverance we need during those times of struggle.” — Mitchel, Design Director

“My mom always reminded me to forgive (she says 7x7x7). The maternal advice I always give is that you don't have to wait for an apology from someone to forgive them. Forgiveness is so freeing!” — Chloe, Business Development Director

“My mom would always say, ‘Don't sweat the little things.’ She also is very carefree and free-spirited and always tells me, ‘Do what makes you happy’ and ‘Don't follow - lead.’ The first was so simple, yet it empowered me to make decisions and reminded me that I had support no matter what. I struggled to find myself and what I wanted to do with my life and career ever since I left high school but I have always followed my heart based on this advice and it has led me to the happiest version of myself today!” — Olivia, Social Media Intern

“My mantra is based off my mom, ‘don't sweat the small stuff...and it's all small stuff.’ My mom got this mantra from my great grandfather and it was one of the last things he told her. When I get overwhelmed and think things are falling apart, I remember not to sweat the small stuff…” — Shala, Account Executive

“The best advice my mother ever gave me was when she decided to open up to me about her own mental health struggles. It's ok to ask for help. It doesn't mean I'm weak, in fact it takes strength to do so. And because of that, I asked for help and I'm in a much better place.” — Chelsie, Fulfillment

“My motherly advice that I give to my daughter all of the time when she worries about inconsequential things or has super big feelings is to allow her feelings to pass through her body, feeling and acknowledging them but to try and not let them get stuck somewhere it's hard to reach.” — Nicole, Director of Social Media

“My mom was a feminist before her time she used to say ‘never learn to sew and you wont have to spend your life mending your husband's socks’.”— Rita, VP of Marketing

“Always have back up for the act up.” — Lanaè, Social Media Intern

“Don't get caught up chasing the extraordinary moments that you don't pay attention to the ordinary moments —- the moments you would miss most when taken away.” — Miles, Digital Marketing (via) Brene Brown

“My advice to my son has always been, ‘Believe in yourself and go after those dreams! Continue to set new goals, allow yourself to make mistakes and above all, be a positive leader, not a follower.’”— Dawn, Controller

“My mom always tells me, ‘Don't work too much. Go travel. The work will always be there anyway.’” — Margarita, Copywriter

“Paraphrasing, but my mom always said that most things can be replaced. Things, jobs, money. But people and time are irreplaceable so make sure and prioritize the people you love.” — Shelby, Sr. Director of Ecommerce

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