Rise up in Awe

We are 1 year out from election 2024, and we will not step back.

In partnership with activist and actress Alyssa Milano, let’s all Rise up in Awe and empower change in the fight for reproductive freedom and gender equality.


Our bodies, our choices, and our liberties are on the line. Now is the time to enact real, lasting change in the fight for reproductive rights. This powerful piece features a triple stone detail of brilliant cut white topaz, a spike border and the suffragette’s fist of solidarity: a testament to liberty, sisterhood, and the rallying cry to Rise up in Awe.
100% of proceeds go to Planned Parenthood.



Since the early 1900s, the Bluebird has represented the women’s suffrage movement. The call of the Bluebird, signifying women’s voices being heard, is a reminder that we have fought and won the power to dream, defy, and demand. Take flight with feathered wings of brilliant cut pavé blue topaz and Rise up in Awe.
100% of proceeds go to Girl Up.


  • women under 40
    in the U.S.
    have never voted

Empower change with us by completing

The Rise Up in Awe 2024 Checklist:

Ensure you're registered to vote.

2. Get 5 other woman registered (make a fun plan to vote together!)

3. Volunteer 5 hours calling/canvassing for a political campaign you support.

4. Attend a protest for a cause you're passionate about.

5. Wear a conversation-starting necklace, pin or t-shirt to continue raising awareness.

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