Awe Inspired Necklaces 14K Yellow Gold Vermeil Medusa’s Power Unlocked Necklace Set
Awe Inspired Necklaces 14K Yellow Gold Vermeil Medusa’s Power Unlocked Necklace Set

Medusa’s Power Unlocked Necklace Set

Patron Goddess of feminine resilience and strength, Medusa is a potent symbol that protects against evil. Read more
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About the Product

Medusa was a powerful, formidable deity who could turn her gazers into stone. Mythologized throughout time by misogynistic fears of female liberty and sexuality, she has been immortalized as a totem to ward off evil and remains the symbol of female empowerment threatening patriarchy.



Mini Medusa:

  • Handcrafted and hand-polished Medusa pendant Necklace
  • Pendant Diameter: 15mm diameter
  • Pendant Thickness: 1.5mm thick
  • Chain Style: Box Chain
  • Chain Length: 16"-18"

Emerald Evil Eye Key:

  • Pendant Height: 36mm
  • Pendant Width: 12mm
  • Pendant Depth: 4mm
  • Gemstones: Genuine Emeralds
  • Our natural, untreated, genuine gemstones may have slight color variations as no two stones are exactly the same.

Onyx Crystal Snake Amulet:

  • Pendant Height: 27mm
  • Pendant Width: 10.5mm
  • Pendant Depth: 12mm
  • Genuine Onyx Quartz Crystal point
  • Black enamel used for the snakes eyes
  • Chain Style: Box Chain
  • Chain Length: 20"-22"


We hope you love your Awe jewelry for generations. We recommend using your Awe anti-tarnishing polishing cloth to clean your piece regularly and keep them shining like new.

Please avoid the following which can cause damage to the piece:

  • Do not use any sort of liquid “jewelry cleaner”
  • Do not expose pieces to soap or any other cleaning agents
  • Do not expose your jewelry to salt water or chlorine
  • Do not use a polishing cloth containing any rouge

We want you to be absolutely in Awe of our designs. We proudly offer a 1-year warranty from date of purchase, and will happily repair or replace your piece if any damage occurs to the material or workmanship.

About the Goddess

Once a beautiful priestess, she was turned into a Gorgon by Athena as a “punishment” for a violation made on her body by a God. Legend describes Medusa with long wings and venomous snakes in place of her hair. Men who gazed upon her with ill intentions would be turned to stone, yet some view her punishment as a power to protect herself. When her head was cut off, Athena placed it on her shield to protect herself. Immortalized on shields and breastplates throughout antiquity as a totem to ward off evil, she has emerged as a symbol of feminism. She inspires women and victims to amplify their voices and embrace their transformative divine power within.

Discover your inner goddess and awaken the magic within—find your goddess today.

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