Collection Launch: Egyptian Goddesses are on the rise again

Collection Launch: Egyptian Goddesses are on the rise again

Goddesses Bastet, Hathor, and Sekhmet rise again with the new Egypt Collection, joining existing Goddesses Isis, Cleopatra, and Nefertiti. Among the most powerful and revered of all deities, they are welcome and long-awaited additions to our pantheon. Harness their power to raise your inner strength and ignite your own magic.

Whether you connect with intuitive Bastet, commanding Cleopatra, protective Hathor, maternal Isis, assertive Sekhmet, or regal Nefertiti, you can access their mythical strength to guide and empower you whenever you wear your Goddess necklace.


The Egyptian Goddess of protection, pleasure, and the bringer of good health, Bastet was often also depicted as a woman with the head of a cat. As a great protectress, she looked after the sick, guarded households, and watched over cats. Bastet’s energy is one of benevolence, safety and security, and kindness. If this resonates with you, you should choose her as your patron Goddess.

If you connect with Bastet, it’s likely that….

You care deeply about others and sometimes those emotions can feel overwhelming. You believe in the greater good, but sometimes have a hard time putting yourself first. Though you are truly a good person, you have a mischievous and naughty side too. Your aura of confidence and independence is hard to miss. You go through life trying to spread joy and help others reach their full potential. It’s important to you to be seen as someone who is reliable and caring.


Sekhmet is perhaps the most terrifying of all the Egyptian Goddesses. Her name means “she who is powerful,” and she was regarded as the Goddess of the hot desert sun, chaos, and war, but also of healing. When she wasn’t all riled up, she took on the persona of cat Goddess Bastet. If you ever want permission to release pent-up anger, seek out Sekhmet.

If you connect with Sekhmet, it’s likely that…

You have a core of steel. Your morals and values are steadfast. You believe in yourself and know that you can accomplish anything thanks to your strong character. However, you may not be the best at releasing anger in a healthy way. People are often intimidated by you, probably because you don’t put on airs or pretend to be someone you’re not. You don’t believe in faking a smile or keeping the peace if you feel insulted or threatened – you will defend yourself no matter what.


In ancient Egypt, Hathor was strongly associated with motherhood and believed to be the primeval Goddess from whom all the other Goddesses emerged. In this sense, she can be viewed as a paradigm who has inspired her descendants with her strength and energy. With Hathor by your side, you can draw forth your inner maternal, feminine, healing, and nurturing energy to bring joy and gentleness into your world. 

If you connect with Hathor, it’s likely that…

Your creativity runs deep and you love to fill the world with beauty. When times are tough, you are able to tap into your nurturing side to help those around you, but also yourself. Even when you’re feeling down, your inner energy is one of glowing optimism. You project an image of the ultimate nurturer, and people feel safe and protected around you. You are generally cheerful and prefer to spread joy rather than negativity.


The most magnificent embodiment of the female force a if there ever was one, Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile, took the throne of Egypt from her husband-brother at the age of 18. She was and still is revered for these types of power moves. She was also known for bewitching both Roman Emperor Julius Caesar and his top general Mark Antony. She was so good at using her feminine wiles and cunning to get her way in a world where women did not always have power or agency.

If you connect with Cleopatra, it’s likely that…

You are cool, passionate, and a little stubborn. A femme fatale to the very end, Cleopatra chose death by snake bite rather than lose her kingdom to her lover’s killer. Feel fearless when you invoke this pharaoh. 

You are also powerful, charismatic, and demanding. Your fans adore you and your partners worship you. And if someone wrongs you, you will cut them off faster than they can say, “Elizabeth Taylor.”  


The Egyptian goddess of healing and magic predates all others. Known as “Aset” to the Egyptians rather than “Isis,” her Greek name, she will certainly be an asset to all who don her symbol. The mother of all Goddesses, Isis served as a model for the feminine icon in almost every culture that came after hers, from the Greek Goddesses to the Christian Mother Mary. So it’s no wonder Cleopatra earned the nickname “The New Isis.”

If you connect with Isis, it’s likely that…

You are caring, compassionate to all, and devoted to your family. You would literally go to hell and back for those you love. You are also a protector, a healer, and a source of magic in the lives of all you touch. Your friends seek your advice on almost anything, from fertility and childbirth to life and the afterlife. 


Nefertiti demands nothing less than hand-applied enamel inlay and a hand-cut border motif inspired by her infamous bust from c.1348 B.C. It’s important to give Nefertiti the modern commemoration she deserves for co-ruling Egypt alongside her husband Amenhotep. When he founded the first religion in human civilization to honor a single supreme god, Nerfertiti became his divine priestess. She continues to inspire for her queenly demeanor and her timeless beauty.

If you connect with Nefertiti, it’s likely that…

You command attention everywhere you go because of your natural charisma and regal bearing. You have confidence in droves, and you’re very independent, choosing to do most things on your own. This security in yourself has helped you accomplish everything you’ve set your mind to. Never forget that you have the inner strength and power to make all your dreams come true.

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