Gift Guide: Back to school with confidence and style

Gift Guide: Back to school with confidence and style

Back to school, back to class, back to education. 

Educators and students will soon be gearing up for a new school year, and although gifts tend to be given more during graduation, the fresh start of a new academic year is also a wonderful time for gift giving. Wish the students and educators in your life good luck as they embark on this new adventure, whether they are returning students, students going to school or college for the first time, or educators who’ve had a rough couple of years. Our back to school gift guide features Goddess, Aura, Amulets, and Affirmations pieces that will provide strength, confidence, mental clarity and prowess, and good fortune.

To make sure you are at the height of your intellectual powers during the new school season, the Indigo Aura Necklace is a must to help with mental clarity. It will help you think clearly and improve mental prowess – two things you’ll need to be at the top of your game.

Speak up for yourself and engage in honest communication with the Blue Aura Necklace, which rules the throat chakra. It also helps with self-expression, so whether you are a student or educator, you can make sure you speak up to have your needs met.

Everyone needs their own personal affirmation that makes them feel powerful and capable. The “I Can & I Will” Affirmation Bracelet is the best positive reminder of your potential, strength, and competence. Whether you’re taking a tough class or dealing with a difficult student, this bracelet will remind you that you can take on anything.

The “Everything I Need Is Within Me” Affirmation Necklace will always confirm that you have what it takes to accomplish all of your academic goals.

Goddess of Wisdom Athena was one of the most powerful Greek goddesses because she had not only strength but also foresight, common sense, and cleverness. This is the Goddess you want to channel in order to keep your mind sharp and ace all your exams and assignments.

Look to Goddess Mulan to give you the confidence and determination to conquer all of your intellectual endeavors and academic challenges during the new school year.

For all nursing students and educators, the Florence Nightingale Goddess Necklace can be a huge source of inspiration. Florence Nightingale also founded the first ever nursing school, setting into motion what would become one of the most important and sought-after professions.

The ultimate woman of STEM, Marie Curie remains the only person to win the Nobel Prize in two different scientific fields. For students and educators in mathematics, chemistry and physics, engineering, and other STEM programs, she is the epitome.

Remind the students and/or educators in your life that the sky's the limit with this Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Woman Power Necklace Set. RBG was a pioneer in her field and continues to be a huge influence on women entering the field of law.

Give yourself hope with the dainty gold vermeil Daisy Earrings. Daisies symbolically represent new beginnings and can guide you towards your rightful place in life.

Let the best selling Evil Eye Necklace provide protection all school year long, blessing you with good fortune and shielding you from negative influences.

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