Happy Awe Year 2022

Happy Awe Year 2022

2022 is all about you, Goddesses. We're here to help you inspire awe, set intentions, and manifest your dreams in the year ahead. As you think on your resolutions for the year ahead, think about which Goddess you can call on to support your endeavors. Will it be Aphrodite for finding love or strengthening relationships? Cleopatra for sharpening your leadership skills and taking your glam to the next level? Or perhaps it’s one of the many new Goddesses you’ve requested joining our growing pantheon? 2022 has so many joyous surprises in store for us, we can’t wait to start the New Year in awe. 

Head to our Instagram to play a little game of chance to discover your inner Goddess. Or retake the Goddess Quiz to see who you’re vibing with best these days. Just because you were Joan of Arc last year, sacrificing yourself for the greater good in 2021, does not mean you will have the same fate in 2022. Just like the cycles of the moon, our inner and outer Goddesses shift with time. Throughout your life, you will call on many Goddesses as you embark on your journey.


Once you know your Goddess, you can focus your manifestations, create a vision board, and begin to make your dreams a reality. From our Affirmation Necklaces to our Goddess and Zodiac collections, we have so many ways to set your intentions in stone. Discover countless amulets to heighten your vibration and collection on our Amulet Collector Necklace. Goddesses love Amulets, hint hint. Persephone is fond of the Pomegranate Amulet and Selene loves anything from the Moons Collection. Finally, align your chakras and rebalance your energy flow with our Aura Collection.  


Treat your inner goddess by January 3, 2022 for a special treat of 25% off our New Years Collection curated to help achieve all your aspirations in the year ahead. Use code HAPPYAWEYEAR. 

Happy Awe Year! 

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