Our Butterfly Collection Invites You to Embrace Your Metamorphosis

Our Butterfly Collection Invites You to Embrace Your Metamorphosis

Sometimes it’s the simplest thing in the world that reminds us that our lives are merely just stages, seasons, metamorphosis. That from birth we’re in a constant state of changing and evolving into the next level of personhood. From babies to children to teens to young adults, the growth in between seems monumental, and then as we age into adulthood, time flies by faster than we’d like, but the stages of rebirth seem so much more subtle. Fine lines and wrinkles may appear out of nowhere, but we’re no longer learning how to walk or hold a spoon, or even drive a car. Our rebirth becomes more of a sense of seeing these seasons for exactly what they are and appreciating them more than ever. Banking them up like badges of honor. Life is so brief and magnificent —filled with renewal, reminiscent of the butterfly. 

Dreamy, beautiful and full of life, the butterfly has long symbolized the deep and dynamic representations of life. They have a mystery, representing spiritual rebirth, transformation, evolution, hope, and life. Those of us lucky enough to have had the divine privilege of watching a caterpillar eat their weight in leaves and plants and then form into a chrysalis, to then wait for a butterfly to emerge nearly two weeks later into an ethereal butterfly know what a miracle of life it is to watch. It’s an awe inspiring moment when you see the butterfly instinctively flutter away into the breeze in search of their next adventure. 

Like a butterfly, we have the same journeys, only unlike the butterfly, (if we’re lucky), we’re able to complete many metamorphoses. We can reinvent ourselves over and over and flutter through life experiencing new adventures and seasons of life. From figuring out life after college to navigating romantic relationships to becoming mothers, or suffering through loss while we feel like we’re in a stage of standstill, we’re able to shed the skin of our metaphorical chrysalis and spread our wings again… start over again, looking and searching for the next adventure. 

We created the butterfly collection to remind us of the transformative rebirth of life. The hope that they bring for an awakening or rejuvenation. Butterflies are nature's subtle reminders that life changes, we change. That it keeps going but that it is also short, and that like a butterfly we must understand that transformation is inevitable and instinctual but that it can be really beautiful. 

Unfurl your wings and aim to fly high with our new Butterfly Collection
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