Feng Po Po Pendant

The Chinese Goddess of wind rides a tiger to bring calm, gentle breezes and tempestuous storms. Thoughtfully detailed with topaz, the wisdom of Feng Po Po offers you strength to unleash your power. Read more
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About the Product

Known as Madame Wind, Feng Po Po is a wind and storm Goddess of balance, wisdom and transformation.

Manifesting on a tiger to symbolize her courage and ferocity, she carries the winds in a sack, offering gentle breezes and, when necessary, unleashing pent up storms. The transformative powers of the Goddess come from replacing the wind god, Feng Bo, and she’s a force of nature that represents the wisdom that comes with age.

The wisdom of Feng Po Po lies in keeping a balanced approach towards others. She offers good winds to sailors without expecting anything in return, supporting those who are in need and giving with a cheerful heart. Warning against false hearts and unfair conditions, she tears down bonds of guilt with her furious tempests. Balancing Yin, the receptive and gentle energy, and Yang, the assertive and active energy, Feng Po Po encourages healthy relationships while teaching you the power and freedom of saying ‘no’. Loudly.

Graceful, transformative, and adaptable, this formidable Chinese Goddess offers you the strength to unleash your power when the situation calls for it, allowing you to cultivate a balanced, sustainable approach to personal transformation and harmony through the ever-changing nature of your journey.



  • Pendant Dimensions: 20mm D
  • Stone: White Topaz

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