Collection Launch: The Coexist Collection is right on time

Collection Launch: The Coexist Collection is right on time

United, we stand. United, we thrive. Our Coexist Collection affirms the truth that only through unity can we truly succeed, evolve, and go forward as a people. These amulets and necklace sets represent different cultures, belief systems, and unique facets of spiritual wisdom. They also make it clear that we can embrace and honor our differences while uplifting each other at the same time.

The past two years have been tumultuous, and it has felt like the divide between people has been growing and growing. With no signs of stopping, the divide has been quite disheartening and demoralizing. However, that certainly doesn’t mean that we can’t all come together if we make the effort.

With our Coexist Collection, we hope to bridge this divide that’s been breaking connections between people and encourage all of us to find common ground. We are all at our best when we choose to champion each other. We hope you will find a piece or set that speaks to you from this powerful and important collection.

Meet the Amulets

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Star of David Amulet - In antiquity, the six pointed star was associated with magical qualities and not yet associated with Judaism the way it is now. The Jewish community of Prague in the 17th century was the first to adopt this star as a symbol of their religion and ethnicity. Over time the Star of David has become more symbolically powerful and significant for Jewish people all over the world. It’s a beautiful amulet to wear to show your pride and love for your identity as well as to connect you with others who are like you.

Cross Amulet Necklace - The cross holds many meanings for Christians. It is a reminder of Christ’s awful fate, but also a symbol of salvation. It signifies Christ’s great sacrifice to ensure that his believers would ultimately be saved. Like the Star of David, it is a symbol of pride and love of identity, and a way for Christians around the world to connect with each other.

Cosmic Yin Yang Amulet - For those seeking balance, the Cosmic Yin Yang Amulet can help bring forth harmonious energy. The yin yang symbol is a Chinese philosophical concept describing the phenomenon of opposite forces that are interconnected and the dualities that exist in nature and the universe. Yin represents feminine energy, the moon, and “the shady side,” while yang represents masculine energy, the sun, and “the sunny side.” Together, they create a balanced whole.

Coexist Medallion Necklace - Coexistence means honoring our differences while working to live in harmony and respecting each other as human beings. This intricate medallion will strengthen your bond with people from all walks of life, with humanity in general, and help you appreciate the differences that make us unique and the similarities that bind us together.


Meet the Necklace Sets

Immaculate Feminine Necklace Set

This gold vermeil two necklace set features the Mother Mary Goddess Tablet and the Mary Magdalene Goddess Pendant with the Cross Amulet to remind you of the divine feminine energy that runs through Christianity.

Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene are two of the key female figures in Christianity, one as Christ’s mother and the other as one of his closest supporters. They were important influences in Christ’s life and represent the compassionate, supportive, healing, and wise energy of the divine feminine. 

In Harmony Necklace Set

This gold vermeil two necklace set features the Cosmic Yin Yang Amulet and the Coexist Medallion paired with the Moonstone Amulet to activate harmonious, balancing energy.

Being in harmony helps maintain balance and equilibrium so that we can access our full potential. Thanks to the balancing properties of the Cosmic Yin Yang Amulet, the clarity-bringing Moonstone Amulet, and the powerful Coexist Medallion, this necklace set will endow you with peaceful and stable energy.

Healing Moonlight Necklace Set

This gold vermeil two necklace set features the Crescent Moon and Watchful Moon Eye Amulets on a mini collector and the Green Beaded Enamel Chain.

A popular religious symbol, the crescent moon represents fertility and life and death. Combined with the Watchful Moon Eye Amulet, the Crescent Moon Amulet offers protection and harmony, much like the real moon helps stabilize the planet’s wobble and moderates climate. Allow it to help you moderate your moods to bring about the deepest sense of peace.

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