Gift Guide: Celebrating the Real Life Goddesses

Gift Guide: Celebrating the Real Life Goddesses

Everyday when we get dressed, the things we put on often carry more meaning than we see at surface level. The oversized, decades old sweatshirt that we put on for comfort, the perfectly tailored blazer that is our go-to for first interviews, the dress that brings out our most sensual side, the favorite pair of shoes we put on to explore. Some may say that what we wear is like armor. The layer we keep between ourselves and everything else. At Awe, we think that jewelry carries that same energy. The ring you inherited from your grandmother that reminds you of where you came from. The locket you wear with the pictures of your babies that pushes you through your day. These pieces we keep in our rotation are intimate. They are like time capsules that hold our most precious memories. They are trinkets of our spirit. 

All of the Goddesses we feature in our pantheon were chosen and designed to be a symbol of strength for the wearer. This holiday season, we’re not only highlighting our mythical Goddesses but our real-life Goddesses too, and they make the perfect gift for anyone who is seeking inspiration from women who have changed history, shaped culture, and led revolutions. That inspiration sparks action and empowers. 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a forever champion of civil liberties, inspired countless people to never stop persisting. A portion of proceeds from this collection will be donated to Planned Parenthood to continue fighting for justice. She spent a lifetime flourishing in the face of adversity before being appointed a Supreme Court justice, where she successfully fought for gender equality and civil liberties.

Harriet Tubman, known as the “Moses of her people,” she helped hundreds of slaves escape to freedom via the Underground Railroad. She never lost a single “passenger.” Born a slave, she was truly a master of her own destiny. She was also the first woman to ever lead an armed expedition in the Civil War to free Southern slaves and was buried with military honors at the age of 93. 100% of proceeds from the sale of this Harriet Tubman Goddess Coin - plus a matching donation - will be donated to the NAACP (The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People).

Marie Curie, an icon of science, was a pioneer celebrated for her discovery of radium and her enormous contribution to the fight against cancer. She received two Nobel Prizes for her work on radioactivity, making her the first woman to ever receive the award. What an inspiration. Her daughter also went on to win one in 1936!

Florence Nightingale, the mother of modern nursing, was a public health pioneer. She revolutionized healthcare with her no-nonsense approach to hygiene, sanitation, and patient care and transformed nursing into a highly valued profession.

Cleopatra, the most magnificent embodiment of the female force if there ever was one, the Queen of the Nile took the throne of Egypt from her husband-brother at the age of 18. She was worshiped for power moves like these, and has been a cultural icon for centuries and continues to inspire long after death. 

Joan of Arc, was an exceptional military leader that defied all expectations, and believed she was destined to guide France to victory in its Hundred Years’ War with England. With no proper training, she fearlessly led an army to victory and became one of history’s greatest saints. Did we mention she was only 18?

Frida Kahlo was a celebrated Mexican painter known for her captivating self-portraits. By remaining artistically active under the weight of hardship, Frida made it legitimate for women to display their emotions. She is celebrated as a symbol of strength and resilience for female artists everywhere.

Marsha P. Johnson, a true queen who often wore a crown of flowers, is an activist icon. Not only did she model for Andy Warhol and co-found Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries aka S.T.A.R., she was also a pivotal leader in the Stonewall uprising of 1969. This earned her the nickname “Mayor of Christopher Street.” And that “P” in her middle name? It stands for “pay it no mind,” as in someone else's gender is none of your business.

Mulan was a storied warrior from the Northern and Southern dynasties era of Chinese history. As legend has it, she disguised herself as a male soldier to take her ailing father’s place in the national army and outperformed her male counterparts in all forms of battle. She is revered as one of China's most valiant heroines.

We are also heading into the holidays with a very special giveaway that is sure to empower. We've teamed up with woman-owned brand Rebel Girls in this incredible giveaway inspired by the Rebel Girls in our lives. 

Two winners will be gifted two matching real life Goddess pendant necklaces (one regular size and one mini size) from Awe Inspired in either gold vermeil or sterling silver, and the first five books from the Rebel Girls collection. You can choose to keep the necklaces or give one of them to someone close to you, like a best friend, a sister, a daughter, or whoever you want to share these powerful pieces with. You can also read these books together and be inspired by these stories of women who made their mark on history and carry that inspiration everywhere when you wear these necklaces of real-life Goddesses. 

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Sweepstakes begin at 10:00 a.m. PST on 12/1/22 and ends at 11:59 p.m. PST on 12/8/22.

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