Inner Goddess vs. Outer Goddess

Inner Goddess vs. Outer Goddess

Daily life can be a battle between our internal desires and external actions. So it’s rare to call on the same inner and outer Goddesses for support. There’s so much to know about finding and activating your inner and outer Goddesses.

Our outer Goddess is who we want to present to the world. She’s demanding and likes to look put together across all aspects of life, from work to home. She’s a persona you embody when you’re around others, but she doesn’t necessarily always reflect your true inner self.

Your outer Goddess represents you in your daily activities, your relationships, and your connection to community. Embrace your outer Goddess when facing situations in the workplace, the home, and personal relationships.

How to bring out your outer Goddess:

  • Sit and meditate on your values. What are they? Honesty, integrity, friendship, helpfulness?
  • Make a list of everything you do daily in alignment with each value. Such as calling a friend to see how they are or helping out a neighbor.
  • Where can you grow your actions to better align with your values? Raise your vibration through outward acts of kindness.

In contrast, your inner Goddess represents your feelings, thoughts, and emotions. A strong inner Goddess helps cope with emotional distress, self-awareness, and finding a sense of purpose. She will aid you in your emotional conflicts and help you tune into your natural spark and true calling.

How to bring out your inner Goddess:

  • Check in daily with your feelings. What are they? Joy? Stress? Anxiety?
  • Admit you can feel all of the above and still be happy. Be mindful of how you speak to yourself in all of these moments.
  • Start noticing when your mood changes and ask yourself why. Take it easy on yourself and reward yourself regularly.

The right inner and outer Goddesses work together to guide you in your purpose, meld your values with your actions, and help you pursue your dreams. Our current favorite Goddess combinations?

Beauty Worshippers Aphrodite + Frida Kahlo

YOUR INNER APHRODITE: Joyful, kind, a true romantic. You’re light hearted, love to laugh, and a little bit mischievous.

YOUR OUTER FRIDA: You’re celebrated for your strength, resilience, and signature style. Jewelry, dresses, accessories, you know how to put it all together with a bold red lip and a little brow gel.


Femme Fatales Medusa + Cleopatra

YOUR INNER MEDUSA: Misunderstood, strong, merciless. You know who you are and you’re used to people coming for you because of it. But you don’t let that stop you because you keep your eye on the prize.

YOUR OUTER CLEOPATRA: Powerful, charismatic, demanding. Your fans adore you and your partners worship you. And if someone wrongs you, you will cut them off faster than they can say, “Elizabeth Taylor.”


Girl Bosses RBG + Kamala

YOUR INNER RBG: Tireless, ferocious, and smart as a whip. Nothing irks you more than social injustice and gender inequality. You’re the personification of #girlpower.

YOUR OUTER KAMALA:  You dedicate your work to the greater good and endlessly support the women in your life. While success is a priority, your relationships with yourself, others, and justice are just as important.


Magical mystics Hecate + Selene

YOUR INNER HECATE: You’re fiercely independent. And have a dark sense of humor. You’re also a night owl who would rather work the graveyard shift than see the crack of dawn. 

YOUR OUTER SELENE: You radiate positive energy and beam with delight when you look upon beauty. No one can eclipse your talents when it comes to hard work.


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