June’s Strawberry Supermoon is Ripe with Inspiration

June’s Strawberry Supermoon is Ripe with Inspiration

June’s cosmic month started at the ending of a major Mercury Retrograde and beginning of a Saturn retrograde, and as the month inches closer to welcoming the summer solstice, we are gifted with an awe-inspiring Strawberry Supermoon which peaks on Tuesday, June 14th. It will aluminate the sky with more than just a beautiful full moon, but some sweet symbolism and spiritual meaning.

So, what does this lunar moment mean for all of us? During this year’s Strawberry Moon, the moon will be in energetic and adventurous Sagittarius, while the sun will be in curious and social Gemini— which sounds like perfect timing for the upcoming season. Some astrologers believe that full moons have many effects on our emotions and tend to intensify any personal challenges we’re working through both internally and externally. Beyond this, full moons can act as a light. They allow us to explore all perspectives and energize our ideas, hopes and ambitions. 

Because this moon is hosting the start of summer and ending of spring, we can use this celestial juncture as a way to freshen up the space around us, foster a sense of sanctuary in home, and celebrate the enchantment of summer. 

The zodiacal placement of the June full moon carries significance as well. Fire sign Sagittarius is one of the most positive energies of the zodiac, and, with the current Gemini season inviting us to live in the present, Sagittarius encourages us to look to the future. This is the time to stay optimistic, make long term plans, and be mindful of limiting ourselves too much. Shoot for the moon. Take a chance you’ve been hesitant about taking. 


Do not forget that we’re also coming out of a major eclipse season, which means that this full moon is the perfect full moon to perform a little moon magic and put some major manifestations into the universe. An easy way to participate without getting deep into the witchy thick of it is to create a full moon ritual. Meditate on the eve of the full moon, set out your favorite crystals and crystal jewelry under the moon to charge them, wear moonstone to bring on new beginnings,  and spend some time journaling out some intentions and manifestations

We’ve put together a small gift guide to help harness the power and celebrate the sweetness of this strawberry moon, which is ripe with opportunities. 


Our bestselling Hecate Necklace is a lunar lover's go-to if they’re seeking the ultimate Goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, the moon, ghosts, and necromancy. 

As a protective Goddess, she was frequently placed in the doorways of homes to prevent bad fortune from crossing in. 


Wanting the same moon energy from a moon Goddess, but someone more amorous.? Our Mini Selene Necklace is a favorite of those that want to embody the gorgeous, magically gifted Goddess responsible for driving the moon across the sky every night with her silver, snowy steed-led chariot. 


Speaking of charging up your crystals under the full moon, the Crystal Quartz Wire Earrings are powerfully protective and help dispel negativity in order to provide clarity in the mind and body, helping you be more in tune with your mind and heart when you wear it daily.


Have a deep connection to the ocean and the moon? Are your natural internal rhythms affected by the pull of the moon, like the tide? Our Siren + Diamond Moonwave Necklace Set is the perfect set to call forth the power of the ocean and the moon, and become aligned with your inner Goddess.


If you cannot decide between the Goddesses, our suggestion is that more is more, and our Mystical Goddess Bracelet is enchanting and divine. It allows you to embrace your inner darkside with this combination of our favorite Goddesses of the night. 


Moon energy is invincible. This sterling silver Triple Moon Moonstone Ring inspires creativity, intuition, and imagination — perfect things to manifest during a full moon. 


Our Lunula Huggies, part of our Norse Collection, are believed to symbolize the different phases of the moon and its illuminating, calming energy, and were often worn by girls and young women as a protective talisman against negative forces. 


Our Diamond Crescent Moon Studs may not illustrate a captivating full moon, but diamonds are spiritually believed to inspire imagination and ingenuity in its wearer due to their illumination. 

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