They’re So Back

The perfect Charm Bracelet includes a variety of shapes and sizes that harmonize with each other to tell your unique story. We recommend 2-3 charms per Charm Collector Link

1. Choose your Charm Collector Bracelet

2. Select your favorite Mini Goddess(es)

3. Select your favorite charms

4. Add gemstones for color and sparkle

1. Charm Collector Bracelet

Choose a complete Collector Bracelet.

2. Mini Goddesses

Add the Goddesses you relate to and aspire to emulate.

3. Amulets

Add Amulets with powerful symbols and magical gemstones.

4. Gemstones

Add magic and sparkle with a gemstone Amulet.

Make it truly yours

An Awe Inspired gold chain bracelet with three amulet links, called The Collector Bracelet in gold vermeil. A woman wearing jeans and an Awe Inspired Collector Bracelet with multiple amulet "charms" in gold vermeil .
The Charm Bracelet

Kz137,000.00 AOA Kz95,900.00 AOA

Kz95,900.00 AOA

Combine up to 9 Awe charms

A Flying Dagger Amulet with a blue stone from Awe Inspired. A woman wearing a Flying Dagger Amulet necklace from Awe Inspired with a cross on it.
Flying Dagger Amulet

Kz66,300.00 AOA Kz46,400.00 AOA

Kz46,400.00 AOA

Stay protected from danger

Round 20MM Aphrodite Pendant in gold Aphrodite Pendant
Aphrodite Pendant

Kz141,400.00 AOA Kz99,000.00 AOA

Kz99,000.00 AOA

Greek Goddess of love

An Awe Inspired Pearl Cross Amulet with diamonds on a white background. A woman wearing an Awe Inspired Pearl Cross Amulet necklace with diamonds.
Pearl Cross Amulet

Kz132,500.00 AOA Kz74,200.00 AOA

Kz74,200.00 AOA

Regal and opulent

An Awe Inspired Ankh Amulet charm on a white background. A woman with gray hair wearing an Awe Inspired Ankh Amulet necklace.
Ankh Amulet

Kz61,900.00 AOA Kz43,300.00 AOA

Kz43,300.00 AOA

Represents eternal life

Best Selling Charm Bracelet Sets

Express yourself

Single Charm Bracelet Single Charm Bracelet
Single Charm Bracelet

Kz92,800.00 AOA Kz65,000.00 AOA

Kz65,000.00 AOA

Make it uniquely yours

Mini Selene Pendant Mini Selene Pendant
Mini Selene Pendant

Kz110,500.00 AOA Kz77,300.00 AOA

Kz77,300.00 AOA

Greek Goddess of the moon

Angel Number Amulet Angel Number Amulet
Angel Number Amulet

Kz66,300.00 AOA Kz46,900.00 AOA

Kz46,900.00 AOA

Fo11ow The S1gns