How to make your jewelry last

How to make your jewelry last

Your Awe Inspired jewelry serves as a modern timeless heirloom meant to last. The key to making sure anything lasts? Taking proper care of it. You follow the instructions to take care of your clothes, so your jewelry should be no different, especially since you’re probably wearing your favorite necklace more than your cashmere sweater.

The proper care depends directly on the material of the jewelry, so we’ll break it down for you -- feel free to copy and save in the notes folder of your phone for easy reference. We want to make sure your pieces are well cared for.

First, we’ll start off with some basic, general practices that you should be doing regardless of the material:

Perfumes, lotions, makeup, suntan lotion and self tanning products, body oils, dust, air pollutants and other natural elements can dull the appearance of gemstones and precious metals (i.e. silver & gold). Of course some of these are beyond our control, so we recommend being cautious about applying any lotions, sprays or makeup while wearing your jewelry and advise putting it on once these applications have dried. It’s always best to wipe down your jewelry with your Awe polishing cloth  when you are finished wearing it and store it in your Awe velvet pouch or gift box to prevent tarnishing.

Gold Vermeil Jewelry

We recommend removing all gold vermeil jewelry before showering, bathing or swimming. Bathing or showering with soapy water can wear down the plated jewelry and cause dullness and discoloration. Chlorinated water especially can cause damage and discoloration. As a general rule of thumb: avoid exposing your vermeil jewelry to any chemicals, be it lotions, perfumes, soaps, salts, etc. 

Sterling Silver Jewelry  

Much like with gold vermeil jewelry, chemicals, salt water and chlorinated water can damage your jewelry and cause it to dull or erode. Because of this, we recommend removing all sterling silver jewelry before showering, bathing or swimming. Gently wipe down your sterling silver with an Awe polishing cloth to restore luster and prevent tarnishing (this is an especially important part of owning silver jewelry).    

Solid 14k Gold Jewelry

Solid 14k gold provides more durability than 18k or 24k gold and can be worn while swimming or bathing, but similar to the other metal types, avoid exposure to chemicals as much as possible. Gently clean your 14k gold necklace with your Awe polishing cloth and store in your Awe velvet pouch to maintain a golden luster.
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