Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Connection makes us stronger

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Connection makes us stronger

Valentine’s Day can be triggering for some. And we totally get it.

As a day traditionally centered around romance and romantic love, Valentine’s Day can be tough for people who are not currently in a romantic relationship. That’s why we love the fact that Valentine’s Day continues to evolve in meaning and become more inclusive. For example, Galentine’s Day, celebrated on February 13 and invented by fictional character Leslie Knope on Parks & Rec, is one of our favorite days because it involves showering your besties (or gal pals, as some like to say) with love. 

What’s better than telling the people you love how much you love them? Romantic love gets glorified, but all types of love, including self-love, are valid and crucial.

We want to encourage anyone who wants to celebrate love to look at Valentine’s Day through a new lens. If you’re partnered, we 100% recommend doing all the lovey-dovey romantic stuff you want together. But if you’re not partnered, don’t let it stop you from giving love, receiving love, and appreciating love in all its forms.

Building connections is what life is all about. For Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day this year, honor the existing connections in your life and strengthen your bonds with some of our most magical and affirming pieces.

For your besties

Le Duo - This Taylor Swift-approved tablet necklace based on French modernist sculptures honors the connection between two kindred spirits. Perfect for a best friend.

Love Potion Pendant - If you want to give your besties more luck in all areas of love, this genuine amethyst Love Potion Amulet will help.

Everything I Need Is Within Me Affirmations Necklace - An affirmation a day keeps negativity at bay. Let your bestie know that they have everything they need to succeed and thrive in life. 


For yourself

Oshun Goddess Tablet Necklace - A Goddess of love in the Yoruba religion, Oshun also grants wishes and makes dreams come true. Depicted holding a mirror, she can be a reminder to love and appreciate yourself.

Diamond Starburst Heart Ring - Never forget that you are the ruler of your own heart. This elegant and dainty ring is perfect for stacking with other bead rings, but has enough character to stand out on its own. 

Special Edition Aphrodite Goddess Necklace - Adorned with pearls and featuring a shell detail, this Aphrodite pendant promotes self-care, self-love, confidence, and high self-regard.

For your partner

Love Knot Ring - This ring honoring Celtic culture represents everlasting love that will overcome all.

Lapis Lazuli Scarab Necklace - Give your partner this Scarab Necklace from the Egyptians Collection to keep them protected at all times.

Eye of Ra Necklace - Offering strength and courage as well as protection, this necklace will bestow your partner with good fortune and block all negativity.

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