Oshun Tablet Necklace


Material: 14k Yellow Gold Vermeil
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Worshiped in the Yoruba religion as the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. Oshun is the granter of wishes and all your heart's desires. She is known for healing the sick, tending to the poor and bringing lovers together. Oshun has a sparkling allure and is often depicted holding a gilded mirror to admire her own beauty. 

Goddess Theme Song Your theme song

No Ordinary Love by Sade


Laugh out loud, goddess! You have a contagious giggle and a flirtatious charm. You light up any room you walk into and people are drawn to your dazzling personality. You believe in helping those in need, which only makes others even more attracted to you.

  • You’re the matchmaker of your friend group
  • You cry at weddings. You can’t help it; you just love, love.
  • More is more. If it’s gold or sparkly, you’re wearing it.


  • Handcrafted and hand-polished
  • 14k yellow gold vermeil (thick 3 micron coat of 14k yellow gold on a solid sterling silver base)
  • Choose Your Chain
  • Tablet dimensions: 21mm H x 17.5mm W, 2.2mm Thick 
  • Tablet bale: 6.5mm x 4.3mm
  • Decorative frame with milgraining
  • Includes our beloved "Hello, Goddess" mirror gift box and brand booklet 
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14k Yellow Gold Vermeil
14k Yellow Gold Vermeil

We’ve perfected our vermeil technique for superior durability. We coat a pure sterling silver base with 3 microns of 14k gold. The 2 microns used by other vermeil jewelers is not enough, and their 18k gold is too soft and will wear off.

  • thically Sourced materialsEthically Sourced materials – DEP and FLA certified
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Oshun IRL Style Tips

Mix and Match 

Shades on and confidence high! You're not afraid to mix patterns and wear bold colors. 


You Glow Girl 

Your inner glow enhances any piece of jewelry you wear. Grab a timeless piece to compliment it.  


More is More

Layer it on, goddess! There's no limit to how many accessories you can rock.  


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