Earth Day and Supporting the Environmental Defense Fund

Earth Day and Supporting the Environmental Defense Fund

Like most people this year, we’ve spent more time inside than EVER before. In spite of so many days spent holing away indoors, we’ve grown a particular and deep appreciation of the planet. From afternoon walks, to social gatherings with friends and family in our backyards, we’ve cherished the recent time spent outdoors. 

Celebrating this Earth Day is the perfect way to pay tribute to our planet. At Awe, we honor our globe by partnering with the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), a nonprofit environmental advocacy group known for its work on issues including global warming, ecosystem restorations, oceans and human health. EDF uses rigorous science and a thorough economic lens to find environmental solutions that work, and partners with bipartisan allies to fight for environmental laws. 

This Earth Day, take action. Connect with nature on a spiritual level. Find small ways you can make a difference, like planting a tree or flowers, build a birdhouse, ride your bike instead of driving, pick up trash in your neighborhood or someone else's!


The Pachamama (Mother Earth) tablet and the Artemis Goddess necklace are both stunning pieces which honor the beauty and care of our planet. While Pachamama depicts a benevolent deity who nourishes and protects the life of all earthlings, Artemis is the Olympian Goddess of animals and wilderness. When you purchase either of these pieces, 20% of our proceeds will be donated to the Environmental Defense Fund. Consider this one way among many in which you can positively and directly impact the planet. Learn more about the Environmental Defense Fund here.

At Awe, we're committed to increasing our sustainability efforts. We recently switched to 100% recyclable packaging that is almost entirely plastic free. We've also conducted a review of our manufacturing partners to ensure they are meeting all Department of Environmental Protection certifications pertaining to environmental consciousness during all manufacturing and disposing of waste.


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