Gift Guide: Your Gift Guide for the Proud and Spirited Leos in Your Life

Gift Guide: Your Gift Guide for the Proud and Spirited Leos in Your Life

The time has come. Summer is in its highest state, the days are deliciously long, and the nights are full of magical energy. So, it’s absolutely fitting that the queens and kings of the celestial jungle take their throne… from July 22 to August 22, to be exact.

Ruled by the sun, Leos are as stable, loyal, and full of vitality as the sun itself, since it never goes into a retrograde. They remain in the light as beacons. Like a lioness or lion, Leos embrace their royal status all while being able to be fair and compassionate leaders to their proverbial pride. Like their sister fire signs, they too put their heart and soul into everything they do, everyone they love, and every situation they are ever thrust into. Like the brightness of a fire, they shine brightly, provide warmth, and offer protection to those that are naturally drawn to them. 

Determined, brave, and full of mental, physical and emotional tenacity, Leos are also dauntless optimists who do whatever they can to succeed. When their season arrives, so does this sultry sign. Leos love to celebrate their birthdays and never shy from being celebrated by others, so if you have one to honor, we suggest looking for meaningful pieces and gifts that help them radiate and give them the ability to harness their powerful energy. 

Our Zodiac Collection offers something for each sign, so naturally a perfect gift for your proud Leo is their very own Leo Necklace. Available in a stunning gold vermeil or brilliant sterling silver, and adorned with a Goddess riding a lion through the cosmos on one side and the Leo constellation on the other, this piece is as unique and magnetic as any Leo. 

Revere their inner royalty with royalty. Our Cleopatra Signet Ring is the ultimate power piece to conjure all of their queenly attributes. Pair it with the Isis Necklace as Isis is known for being the mother of all Goddesses, and offers magic and protection to all who wear her. 

What better way to commemorate the mighty feline than with the Lion Necklace to encourage and nurture Leo's majesty and hierarchy? The genuine ruby eyes dazzle and draw attention to the subtle but stunning details of this amulet that your Leo will cherish forever. 

The red aura is connected to the root chakra, which is perfect for Leo because the red aura bolsters their adventurous, fearless, passionate, and driven nature. The Red Aura Necklace pairs beautifully with the Red Ruby Aura Ring, making a bold, striking statement. 

Do you have a July or August Leo to celebrate? For a July Leo, we love the Ruby Studs. Ruby represents passion, love, and powerful emotions. For an August Leo, we adore the Peridot Studs. Peridot represents harmony, compassion, and renewal. Customize their piece to channel a divine Goddess with the Athena Stud Earrings, which can be adorned with a gemstone of your choice. To stay on the Leo theme, we obviously suggest ruby or peridot. Athena is the Goddess of heroes, and Leo is never not holding the hero title. 

Not only queens of the celestial jungle, Leos are also queens of affirmations. They are likely to have several that they live by, and because we couldn’t decide which affirmation fit best for Leo, we picked a few: the “I CAN & I WILL” Affirmation Bracelet, “I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR” Affirmation Necklace, and “I AM WORTHY OF ABUNDANCE” Affirmation Necklace

Yoruba Goddess Oshun is revered for her beauty, courage, strength, and empathy. Leo’s personality naturally aligns with this celebrated Goddess and will help the lioness hold her power close. We suggest you enhance her beauty with the Oshun Necklace

Help nurture your Leo’s true path of leadership with the Compass Ring, ​which is symbolic of protection and guidance, and believed to be used by the Norse as a compass during their many travels. Leo will also appreciate the Lunula Necklace, which was often worn by girls and young women as a protective talisman against negative forces. It is believed to symbolize the different phases of the moon and the moon’s illuminating, calming energy. 

Finally, because Leo loves to collect pieces that make them happy and carry deep meaning, our Amulet Collector is a great addition to their likely very curated collection. 

Happy birthday Leo! Enjoy the shine of your season and shop our Leo collection here.

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