Earth Day

Harness the powerful and nurturing energy of Earth Goddesses Gaia, Pachamama and Artemis.  For the month of July we are doubling our proceeds from this collection to Women's Earth Alliance, which provides leadership, strategy, and technical training for women leaders to scale their climate and environmental initiatives while connecting them to a global alliance of peers, mentors, and funders.

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    Ala Pendant Model wearing Ala necklace layered with emerald eye snake necklace and zodiac goddess necklace in gold vermeil
    Ala Pendant

    $151.50 USD $84.84 USD

    $84.84 USD

    Igbo Goddess of the earth

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    Ala Necklace Ala Necklace
    Ala Necklace

    $202.00 USD $141.40 USD

    $141.40 USD

    Igbo Goddess of the earth