Gift Ideas by Personality: Creative, Free Spirited, Brave, & Elegant

Gift Ideas by Personality: Creative, Free Spirited, Brave, & Elegant

Although most gift guides are often organized by zodiac signs or the role that someone plays in your life, it can be helpful to consult gift guides by personality type. We’ve narrowed down the Awe customer to these four personality types based on customer data, and we’ve chosen some truly perfect (if we do say so ourselves) options for all the creatives, free spirits, warriors, and aesthetes. We hope you find something to treasure among these picks.



Pyrite by Before Noon

Pyrite is a beautiful crystal with a bright luster (and also known as Fool’s Gold) that helps promote abundance and confidence. It is also used for helping to unblock creativity and let imagination flow. Pyrite is believed to be closest to the solar plexus chakra, which is responsible for our sense of self-value and our sense of self-expression.

For the creative type, this pyrite crystal can help connect a person to their deepest well of creativity and ingenuity.

Brigid Goddess Necklace in Gold Vermeil

Brigid, a Celtic Goddess, was admired by poets and artists for her ability to inspire creativity. Even blacksmiths and craftsmen in ancient times often thanked her for igniting and nurturing the creative fire within them.

Wear your Brigid necklace anytime you feel you need an extra burst of energy and creativity to complete all of your projects and creative pursuits.

“Die With Memories Not Dreams” Affirmation Necklace

This powerful affirmation will inspire the creative person to make sure all of their deepest creative desires - whether it is composing a song, writing a novel, painting beautiful artwork, writing a poem, or making a film - come true and are not pushed onto the back burner. Sometimes even the most creative and purpose-driven person needs a reminder that they have the power and ability to make their dreams come true.



Rhiannon Goddess Necklace in Gold Vermeil

Celtic Goddess Rhiannon is often depicted in art as a beautiful young maiden atop a white horse. It’s hard to find a better symbol for the free-spirited person than that. Even her namesake song by Fleetwood Mac evokes a free-spirited vibe and energy. Rhiannon will inspire the free-spirited person to take control of their destiny and unique journey through life.

Wing Stud Earrings

A free-spirited person may sometimes feel like flying away from everything and everyone. Wings symbolize freedom of the mind and body, transcending the physical realm, and a swiftness of spirit. Anyone who identifies as a free spirit will certainly feel the energy of these wing stud earrings and be able to channel the expression “free as a bird.”

Sage Bundle by Before Noon

Burning sage is a very powerful ritual that has roots in the Native American culture. It is often used to cleanse one’s personal space in order to remove negative energies and promote clarity and healing. For the free-spirited person, having a space that is safe and healthy is very important. It can be beneficial in also giving peace to their soul.



Boudicca Goddess Necklace in Gold Vermeil

Who is braver than this ancient Celtic warrior queen? She valiantly revolted against Emperor Nero and the vast Roman army. She is revered in England for her relentless fight for justice and independence. Channel her strength anytime you need a little more courage than usual.

Joan of Arc and Diamond Sword Amulet Set

Joan of Arc was only a teenager when she led the French army to victory. Believing in her higher purpose, she never faltered in what she knew she was called to do. Her fearlessness continues to inspire people all over the world today. The Diamond Sword Amulet enhances strength and power, and makes the perfect partner to the Joan of Arc Goddess piece.

Inner Compass Cards by Before Noon

These popular Inner Compass Cards by Before Noon are used for self-reflection and personal growth. They can help you to reach within to find clarity of purpose. Sometimes even the bravest among us need a little guidance to stay on the right path.



Mirror Incense Holder by Walden

An elegant piece for the elegant home of an elegant person, this Mirror Incense Holder is beautiful to behold and helps immensely for meditation and practicing mindfulness. It also helps catch falling ash from burning incense so it doesn’t make a mess.

Classic Paperclip Necklace

Paperclip necklaces continue to be on trend, but they’re also eternally elegant and will never look out of place. This delicate necklace is perfect for layering with some bolder pieces, like a Goddess Necklace or Goddess + Amulet Set.

Diamond Rose Ring

Roses are often considered among the most elegant flowers. Roses are also complex, representing beauty, devotion, and desire. Our Diamond Rose Ring respects the beauty of the rose while also acknowledging that every rose has its thorn.

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