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Our Sage Bundles emit a fresh evergreen scent and are a robust way to clear and purify energy in large spaces.

Before Noon offers holistic therapy group sessions and products for stress relief in a world that is increasingly finding itself dealing with anxiety and burnout. Its Asian American female founders created Before Noon to serve as a community of people looking for relief and support.

Sage Bundle by Before Noon

 Sourced from the high desert mountains of Southern California, our white sage bundles are grown and hand-wrapped by members of a family owned and operated farm.

Sage Bundles are most commonly used during the practice of "Smudging," which originates from Native American culture. It's an important ceremonial purifying ritual or prayer.


  • To cleanse and purify negative energy
  • Due to the size of smoke generated, ideal for use in large or open spaces
  • Ideal for cleansing rooms, office space and homes


Light the Sage Bundle for 10-15 seconds. When smoke appears, circulate the Sage Bundle around the space you'd like to cleanse in a figure eight manner. Upon completion, set the Sage Bundle in a holder and let it burn out or dip it in water. Consider returning the ash back to the earth.

5" x 1.75" x 1.75"

Sage Bundles are packaged in our black rice paper bags.


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