Spiritual Wellness: 10 spellbinding gifts for your spiritual friend (or yourself)

Spiritual Wellness: 10 spellbinding gifts for your spiritual friend (or yourself)

If you have a friend or loved one who is into spirituality (even if they’re just tentatively beginning to explore it), or a “witchy” friend who loves astrology or tarot, or someone in your life who is a practicing Wiccan, this gift guide is for you. Also, if you yourself happen to be any of the above, you will definitely find something special in our curated list. Embrace your “witchy” side and add some of these powerful and magnetic pieces to your collection.

Special Edition Hecate Necklace – With its beautiful moonstone inlay, the Special Edition Hecate Necklace will help you channel divine moon energy and enhance psychic powers.

Honor The Goddess Within Affirmations Necklace – To remind yourself or your giftee that there is a Goddess in all of us and we must embrace it.

Indigo Sapphire Aura Ring – By aligning your third eye chakra, the Indigo Sapphire Aura Ring will help you be more in tune with psychic abilities.

To The Moon & Back Necklace Set – The magic of this piece cannot be overstated. Let it fill you with magic and give you celestial guidance.

Celestial Evil Eye Ring – Allow this piece to offer you its protection as you go through life.

Triple Moon Cuff –  Perfect for any “witch,” the Triple Moon Cuff highlights the different phases of a woman’s life: Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

All The Phases Of The Moon Layering Necklace – The power of the moon is extraordinary. This gorgeous necklace with genuine moonstone will help offer clarity and unique strength.

That Old Black Magic Necklace SetCast your unique spell on the world with this powerful and stunning piece.

Lunula Huggie Earrings – The Lunula Huggies will protect you from dark energy and harmful vibes.

Mini Hel Necklace –  Hel ruled the Underworld in Norse mythology. Choose her as your Goddess to enter a new world and uncover new perspectives.

Bonus: The Citrine Crystal by Before Noon for manifesting, the Sage Bundle by Before Noon for cleansing, and Mindful Affirmations by Intelligent Change for positivity.

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