Your Gift Guide For The Energetic & Spontaneous Aries

Your Gift Guide For The Energetic & Spontaneous Aries

Aries season is the beginning of the astrological new year. Those born under this sign are generally go-getters, hard workers, and eager to take action. Aries are not content to sit back and watch life unfold – they are the ones making things happen.

Our gift guide for the Aries in your life takes into account the fiery Aries personality. The pieces we’ve chosen are sure to delight any Aries who has a taste for the finer things. From aura necklaces to feisty Goddesses, we have it all. Prepare to take your Aries’ breath away with these magical pieces.

Let’s begin with the incandescent Red Aura Necklace. This necklace features the ruby-colored garnet gemstone to activate all five senses. It represents the first chakra, the root chakra, which is the foundation for all the other chakras. The garnet is also a stone that offers protection and strength so the wearer can live a life of passion. You can see all the ways it is perfect for the passionate Aries.

The beautiful and sensual Aries Zodiac Necklace is next on our list. This oval pendant features a female embodiment of the Aries sign on the front and the Aries constellation on the back. It’s a great choice for the Aries who feels aligned with the stars and proudly acknowledges her place in the zodiac.

We chose the “I Am Worthy of Abundance” Affirmation Necklace as a gift for an Aries because it symbolizes an Aries’ desire for grabbing life by the horns. When you accept abundance into your life, you are more likely to succeed and reach your goals. This mantra will appeal to the go-getter Aries type who is always seeking more.

We think any Aries would agree that she identifies pretty well with the fierce Celtic warrior queen Boudicca. Part of our Goddesses collection, Boudicca was prepared to lead her people against the enemy army and emerge victorious. Sounds like Aries energy to us! The Boudicca Necklace also features a brilliant, shining diamond crowning her head (diamonds also happen to be the Aries birthstone).

Rounding out our Aries gift guide is the Raised Fist Necklace in 14k gold vermeil. The raised fist has long been a symbol of fighting oppression. Aries are always ready to go to bat for what they believe in, and this necklace serves as a powerful representation of the fight for justice.

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