It’s Aquarius Season: Your Gift Guide for the Individualistic Air-Sign Goddesses

It’s Aquarius Season: Your Gift Guide for the Individualistic Air-Sign Goddesses

Aquarius season is here and we’ve got the perfect gifts for the mythical water bearers in your life – or for you because TBH we’re all about treating ourselves this year and living by one of our mantras, “I am worthy of abundance",  and after the start to 2022, don’t we all deserve a little something? 

But back to our gorgeous, gorgeous Aquarius Goddesses. If you have an Aquarius in your life, you know that they value individuality, independence, innovation and are natural humanitarians. It’s not unlike them to get very involved in a cause or charity and to share stories of human triumph. It’s just part of who they are down deep in their soul. 

As an air sign, their energy starts in the mind. They are intellectual and curious and love to be social and partake in conversation that is deep, passionate and thought provoking so when it comes to gift giving, they love pieces that have some sort of meaning behind it. If the gift also has an altruistic component, even better. 

Because giving is one of our love languages, we’ve compiled a list of the best gifts for the most special Aquarians in your life, during their celestial season. 

It’s a no-brainer, if your Aquarius friend enjoys reading her horoscope and wearing pieces that are representative of her zodiac sign, then this 14K Yellow Gold Vermeil Aquarius Necklace will quickly be her everyday grab and go piece. It also comes in Sterling Silver. 

Your Aquarius friend is likely a natural born leader so we think that she’d gravitate towards our Queen Esther necklace that is finished with sapphires. Queen Esther led the Jewish people to salvation and is revered so much that many children dress up as her for the Jewish holiday, Purim. 

Relationships are very important to Aquarians but they cannot be superficial or shallow. They value real connection and some of them have friends that they’ve had almost their whole lives. We think that they’d cherish our La Tribu - “The Tribe” necklace from our Embrace collection which symbolizes the need for human connection.  

Independent and fiery. Sound like any of the Aquarius women in your life? Goddess. Artemis is known for her love of nature and the hunt, and as the protector of youth. She demanded respect and sought vengeance to anyone who transgressed her. We cannot help but think of a bold Aquarius when we think of Artemis and this necklace is the perfect piece to add to any women’s collection. 

As one of the deep thinkers of the Zodiac, the Aquarius woman is likely aligned with her seventh chakra, the crown chakra. With amethyst assisting with healing and blocking negative vibes, what better than gifting your mindful friend one of the pieces from our Aura collection. Specifically the Violet Aura Necklace

Aquarians love to give back and get involved in things that are bigger than themselves so we love the Florence Nightingale necklace as a gift and with 20% of all proceeds going to the American Nurses Foundation’s COVID Relief Fund to benefit nurses in need of financial and emotional support, this piece is exactly the type of meaningful staple they’ve been looking for. 

RBG spent a lifetime flourishing in the face of adversity before being appointed a Supreme Court justice, where she successfully fought for gender equality and civil liberties. She was enlightened and notorious and we’d bet that many Aquarian women could identify with her. 

Shop the Zodiac collection here and celebrate those fearless and bold Aquarian Goddesses 

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