Building Your Tarot Practice

Empowerment and Transformation through Tarot Divination

Understanding tarot is an endless sojourn into understanding yourself and the world around you. Whether you seek spiritual growth, emotional healing, or foresight into your life's intricate tapestry, the cards are a gentle custodian of your intentions. Engaging with them creates a dialogue with the subconscious, unlocking a wellspring of latent knowledge within you, waiting to be discovered and harnessed.

Initiating your exploration of tarot is to embrace a tradition steeped in mystery and intuition. The cards offer a reflective mirror to your subconscious, and learning their language can be profoundly transformative. In pursuing the art of tarot reading, you become conversant with a deck of 78 cards, each abundant in symbolism.

The practice of tarot reading dates back centuries, rooted in mystery and a profound quest for understanding. Your deck is more than just a collection of stunning images – each ancient archetype speaks to your intuition, becoming a guide for self-reflection and leading you down the pathways of your mind to the hidden chambers of your heart.

the Goddess Tarot

In the realm of divination, the Goddess Tarot stands as a celebration of the divine feminine, weaving together traditional tarot practices with the empowering essence of Goddess mythology. Begin by familiarizing yourself with the cards.

  • Major Arcana

    Reinterpreted through the lens of Goddess figures, each of the Major Arcana cards is associated with a specific Goddess that exemplifies the card's thematic essence.

  • Minor Arcana

    Similar to traditional tarot, the Minor Arcana in the Goddess Tarot features four elemental suits, and the depicted imagery leans heavily on feminine symbolism and milestones.

  • Always let your intuition be your guide

    Each meaning will be specific to you and you alone. Our guide is only meant as a reference. The purpose of divination is to use the cards to explore your subconscious desires and truths.

  • Connect and Reflect

    Spend time meditating on the stories and attributes of the Goddesses. How do they resonate with your life experiences? When you pull cards, is there one or several Goddesses who continually show themselves to you?

  • Ask questions

    Tarot begins with curiosity. If any answer seems too clear, it probably is – this practice is meant to make you question yourself, discover connections and emerge stronger.

Creating a Sacred Space

To engage with tarot meaningfully, it's essential to cultivate the right atmosphere and deploy specific tools that resonate with the spiritual nature of the practice. Your environment can significantly influence the energy and clarity of the session. A sacred space allows you to focus and connect deeply with the cards.

Declutter your area to create a clean environment. This allows energy to flow freely and minimizes distractions.  To consecrate your reading area, drape the Silk Astrology Scarf over the surface where you'll lay your cards. The smooth fabric protects your deck from interfering energies but also instantly creates a spiritually clear space for the universe, spirit guides and your subconscious, to tap into the divining space. 

Incorporate elements that align with the four elements: a candle for fire, a bowl of water, crystals to represent earth, and incense for air. These elements ground the reading and provide a balanced setting.

Embarking on the Tarot Journey

As you shuffle the deck, the cards align themselves, and each card in your spread becomes a key unlocking doors to new insights and perspectives. By weaving together your personal understanding of the Goddess Tarot and the powerful themes it holds, you'll naturally cultivate a tarot practice that is profound, enlightening and transformative.

  • To begin a reading

  • Find and set your environment

  • Pose your question, aiming for clarity and specificity.

  • Shuffle the deck. As you do so, imbue it with your personal energy.

  • Select the cards: Lay them out in a spread, like the classic "three-card" spread representing past, present, and future.

Learn the meanings of each card rich with archetypes, yet remain open; tarots relay messages through both imagery and your unique interpretation. Over time, your insights will naturally deepen as you form a symbiosis with your deck. Inverted cards may or may not carry specific meaning, colors and shapes may show themselves in different lights, and each Goddess may present insights that change over time.

Integrating Tarot into Daily Life

Daily tarot card draws can create a meaningful ritual that fosters self-awareness and decision-making. Each morning, for instance, draw a single card to meditate on.

Reflect on its meaning, considering how it relates to your day ahead. Journal about your thoughts and feelings regarding the card, and track patterns over time. May it guide your present-moment awareness, offer lessons, and spark ideas to overcome creative blocks.

Embark on your tarot journey with respect for its history and an openness to the personal revelations it provides, each reading a step on your path towards greater understanding.