Your Gift Guide For The Intuitive & Creative Pisces

Your Gift Guide For The Intuitive & Creative Pisces

As the last sign of the zodiac, the Pisces personality encompasses a little bit from each preceding sign. Thus, many Pisces are well-rounded individuals with a generally compassionate and creative nature. Pisces are also revered for their intuitive powers. If you’re a Pisces, you probably already know that you should always trust your gut. It will rarely steer you off course.

For our Pisces gift guide, we have a treasure trove of options that will appeal to the romantic Pisces soul. From gemstone earrings to zodiac sign necklaces, there’s no shortage of lovely pieces that will be cherished forever. Pisces enjoy getting gifts as much as any other sign, but they also value pieces that vibrate with positive energy and can help them manifest their deepest desires.

Naturally, we have to start with the Pisces Zodiac Pendant. We can’t speak for all Pisces, but we have a pretty good inkling they enjoy astrology. At least most of them. Whether they regard it as gospel or entertainment, they’ll probably like wearing their own zodiac sign pendant around their necks. On the front, the pendant features two beautiful mermaids. On the back, it features the Pisces constellation. It’s perfect.

For the Pisces born in February, our Amethyst Studs are a must. Amethyst is the February birthstone. It emits a high vibration and is used to bring forth wisdom, tranquility, and balance. Its high calming energy can help relieve stress and alleviate anxiety. Our Aquamarine Studs represent all Pisces, regardless of birth month (however, it also happens to be the March birthstone). Aquamarine is a stone that boasts the healing properties of emotional clarity. It can help guide a Pisces toward their highest self.

Pisces tend to look inward often. They are usually in tune with their inner selves, including their deepest emotions and beliefs. The “Everything I Need Is Within Me” Affirmation Necklace (enjoy 40% off with code AFFIRMATIONS for a limited time) is a spot-on gift for any Pisces. Not only does it reinforce that a Pisces’ intuition is a great guiding strength, it also serves as a powerful self-affirming reminder in moments of uncertainty and doubt.

The Indigo Aura Necklace is another must-have piece for any Pisces, as it represents the sixth chakra (the third eye chakra) to bring about mental clarity. This chakra is a powerful source of wisdom evoked from the spiritually divine. An open sixth chakra can bring out a more vivid imagination, deeper visualization, telepathy, and clairvoyance. 

If you’re a Pisces, perhaps your inner goddess is Hecate? She is the goddess of witchcraft, magic, the night, ghosts, and necromancy, which is highly appealing to any Pisces who either dabbles in or full-on practices magic. Even those Pisces who are not magically-inclined can find something to admire in Hecate, who ruled both the living world and underworld. This duality is similar to the duality of a Pisces’ nature - represented by two fish bound together but swimming in opposite directions. Our Hecate Goddess Necklace is as beautiful as it is mysterious.

As a water sign, Pisces is extraordinarily drawn to all bodies of water, but particularly the ocean. There’s possibly nowhere else a Pisces feels as safe and free as by or on the sea. Though not ruled by the Moon, Pisces still feels a connection with Earth’s only natural satellite, and lunar phases can actually have an impact on a Pisces moods. Gifting a Pisces our Moon Wave Amulet Necklace will remind them of the water-moon relationship that is so close to their heart.

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