Spiritual Wellness: Going back to Nature

Spiritual Wellness: Going back to Nature

For us nature lovers out there, the need to connect with a more natural setting is a need, not a want and oftentimes we spend the day yearning to get out of the home or office to get lost in the outdoors. We’ve talked about the benefits of being in nature and how adding some spiritual wellness practices that focus on being outside, can truly help our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. But how do we connect when we cannot be outside? How do we connect to the Goddesses in our pantheon most aligned with the natural world? 


We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite Nature loving Goddesses and paired them with some select amulets to inspire you to create a set of your own that allows you to feel the energy of the Earth’s rhythm, wherever you go. 


Ala, Goddess of the Earth and underworld, is a deity of the Igbo people of southern Nigeria. Her name literally translates to “ground,” and she is the Goddess of the Earth, fertility, and morality. She is also the ruler of the underworld and guardian of the harvest. We love pairing The Ala Necklace with the Lapis Lazuli Amulet Necklace since Lapis gemstones have long been associated with strength, wisdom, and intellect.


Claim the enchantment, power, and mystery of the sea for yourself when you wear the Sea Goddess Amphitrite and Turquoise Ocean Amulet Necklace Set. Wear it whenever you want to build a stronger connection with the natural world.


Want to feel like the ultimate Earth Goddess? The personification of Earth and one of the Greek primordial deities, Gaia is a benevolent, nurturing Goddess. The Gaia Goddess Necklace and Poppy Necklace with the beautiful Orbit Chain makes a stunning set that helps stabilize your energy, promote harmony, and connect you to the earth. 


She may have been Queen of the Underworld, but for half of the year, Persephone’s birthright was as the Goddess of Springtime. Because of the many layers and elements of nature, she’s the perfect Goddess if you’re searching for a little light and dark. Pair the Persephone Necklace with the Dark Butterfly to remind us of Nature’s transformative essence. 


A major water spirit from the Yoruba religion, Yemaya is known as the Ocean Mother Goddess and is often depicted as a mermaid. Ocean Mother Yemaya and the Amazonite Crystal complement and enhance one another’s energy, helping the wearer become more in tune with their emotions while also relieving stress and anxiety. Wear this set to not only show your love of the ocean but also to strengthen your intuition and creativity.


Protective, nurturing and sacred, Pachamama is the Andean fertility Goddess (whose name translates to “Mother Earth”). She may be loving and benevolent but like any mother has the ability to become angry and let out that divine mother rage. Wear the Pachamama Necklace with the Wing Necklace to remind you of the transcendence of the physical world. 


Aphrodite is much more than the Goddess of love. It is said that she was created from sea foam. The Aphrodite Goddess Pendant, Moonwave Necklace, and Lapis Lazuli Amulet combine forces to bolster the energetic significance of the sea - its cleansing, healing, and even destructive powers. The Rhythm of the Sea Necklace Set is perfectly created for the Nature lover who is called to the ocean. 

Connect to nature and your inner huntress with the gold vermeil Artemis Goddess and Antler Necklace Set as Artemis was the Goddess of the wilderness and paired with the antlers, which symbolize deep awareness and perception, this piece challenges you to be mindful of the Earth and to protect it like Artemis does. 

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