Gifts to Treat Yourself this Mother's Day

Gifts to Treat Yourself this Mother's Day

Moms. Aunts. Sisters. Dog Moms. Plant Moms. It's time to celebrate YOU. You work hard taking care of everyone around you and now it's time to acknowledge that because sometimes self care means buying something meaningful for yourself. Below, are some of our most treasured pieces.


Mini Rose Gold Aphrodite

Let the Goddess of love inspire you every day. This mini necklace makes a statement on its own, and looks great layered into a stack. 

Engravable Heart Necklace

This necklace can be worn as is or engraved with the initials of someone special.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Necklace

Always remember to fight for what you believe in and let this RBG necklace empower you to use your voice every day.

Mini Pachamama (Mother Earth) Tablet Necklace

You care for the Earth and are proud of the efforts you take to make this planet better. This mini Mother Earth Tablet Necklace is the perfect way to honor your hard work.

Athena Signet Ring

You embody wisdom and grace. Wear this Athena Signet Ring as a reminder of how strong you are and to alway let your inner Goddess shine.

Frida Kahlo Bracelet

You're a creative and find inspiration and beauty in all the surrounds you. Celebrate your creative side with one of the icons of women artists everywhere.

 Magnolia Charm Necklace

Centered with a yellow sapphire, the Magnolia Charm Necklace is connected to joy and optimism while honoring the feminine side of each person's natural duality.



You are ready to live your life to fullest and don't want anything to hold you back. Let this Mantra Necklace serve as a wearable affirmation to keep you motivated and living to your fullest potential.


Diamond Moon Locket

If you're looking for something sentimental, the Diamond Moon Locket is it. Keep a special memory close to your heart by placing your favorite picture inside. Let it serve as a reminder of a happy time or special person to keep you feeling inspired.

 Paperclip Dangle Earrings

A touch of radiance to dress up any look. Whether you're staying casual in jeans a t-shirt (or a lounge set) or reaching for your favorite LBD, these earrings will add a touch of gold while still looking effortless and trendy.

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