Mother's Day Gift Guide

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we want to gift our mothers with something more this year. Something with deeper meaning that celebrates her as a woman and honors her Goddess within.

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Celebrate the Goddess within

In this era of self-defining power, claiming your own happiness, and manifesting everything you need, we find special magic in picking our own gifts. Each person has a unique story to tell about what they need at this exact moment and selecting your very own Mother’s Day gift is a powerful example of claiming that energy.

See how others have gifted their moms

Get a dose of inspiration for your mom or mother figure’s Mother’s Day gift right from our Awe community.

Persephone Necklace

"This was even more beautiful in person.
She loves her gift and wears it all the time.
Thank you!”
- Elizabeth K.

Mini Aphrodite Necklace

"This was the perfect gift for my mom.
She is a Taurus with a Libra rising, so
Aphrodite (Venus) is her ruling Goddess.
My mom was so impressed with the details
in this piece. I am so delighted. She also
loved the packaging. Thank you.
Forever in awe!” - Jacqueline V

Florence Nightingdale Necklace

"I bought this necklace for my mom
as a Mother’s Day gift after secretly
having her take the quiz over the
phone. It came beautifully wrapped and
is great quality. I would recommend it!”
- Diana M.

Mini Artemis Necklace

"Beautiful image, gorgeous metal, perfect size.
I bought this as a gift for an expectant mom
managing her high-risk pregnancy – Artemis
is the guardian of pregnant moms, especially
those in labor, in addition to protecting little
ones. I am so happy to have this very centering,
peace-giving Goddess to share at this time.”
- Linda B

Top Mother's Day Picks

Still can't decide what to get your Goddess? We expertly curated some of our best selling pieces, that will leave any Goddess in Awe.


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