The Celtic Collection Brings Its Distinct Brand of Magic

The Celtic Collection Brings Its Distinct Brand of Magic

Celtic symbols and motifs carry so much history and special meaning. From the elegant and ever-popular love knot to the lucky clover, Celtic symbols have been treasured for centuries. Our highly requested and exquisite Celtic Collection celebrates the traditional Celtic motifs that continue to inspire and empower with a special nod to the Celtic Goddesses, who enter our Goddesses pantheon with much fanfare. 

These Goddesses – The Morrigan, Brigid, and Rhiannon – can now be part of your Goddesses collection, where they will fit right in. The individual designs honor each Goddess and her unique characteristics. The Morrigan is flanked by two crows and has a skull in the center of the design to symbolize her association with war and the foretelling of death. However, she is more than just a symbol of doom, as she also represents victory and strength. Brigid holds a flame in her hands to represent her status as a fire Goddess. She was widely believed to be a triple deity, also being the Goddess of healing, protection, wisdom, and poetry. Rhiannon is depicted on our gorgeous necklace design as a fair maiden embracing a horse. In the earliest mythical texts about her, she was originally introduced as a horse Goddess. All three designs feature a decorative border that pays homage to knotting and the traditional decorative patterns seen on Celt shields and torcs. We didn’t forget any details to bring to life this stunning collection that will look amazing on you. 

Get to know the three Celtic Goddesses who will hold you in their thrall:

The Morrigan

Put the Morrigan in a difficult situation and she will emerge triumphant every time. The Celtic Goddess of war, the Morrigan is also associated with fate, chiefly the foretelling of doom, death, or victory in battle. In this role, she is seen appearing most frequently as a crow. In some portrayals, she is shown washing the blood-stained clothing of those destined to die. But it’s not all darkness and doom and gloom with this fierce Goddess. She is also known for encouraging warriors to be brave and fearless, helping them become victorious in battle. One way to look at the Morrigan is as a portent, but one can also draw immense strength from her.


Call her the original Triple Threat, as Brigid was widely believed to be a triple deity in Celtic mythology. Contradictory in many ways, she is the Goddess of poetry, wisdom, healing, and protection, but also of fire and passion. Beloved throughout the land, Brigid was worshiped for a variety of reasons, including as a guardian of domesticated animals and protector of women and children. Blacksmiths and craftsmen thanked her for inspiring them, as did poets and songwriters. It’s difficult not to admire and love Brigid and her benevolent ways, but remember to never cross her or there will be hell to pay.


“Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night, and wouldn't you love to love her?” The iconic opening line to Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon” captures the magical and enchanting quality of this Goddess. She is nothing if not bewitchingly beautiful and it’s easy to fall under her spell. Rhiannon first appears in the Mabinogi, the medieval Welsh collection of stories, as a horse Goddess. In this original literary source, she is known for her beauty, generosity, and intelligence. In art, she is often depicted as a lovely young woman dressed in gold, riding a pale-colored horse, with songbirds circling and flying about her head. Rhiannon inspires us to take control of our destinies and own our unique journey in life. 

We are so proud and honored to share this collection with you, and we hope the meaningful and striking pieces from the Celtic set will become a cherished part of your own jewelry collection. 

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