The Celtic Collection


The Goddesses

These three highly requested Goddesses of Celtic mythology will leave you bewitched and bedazzled. Draw strength from the fearless Morrigan, learn benevolence from tender Brigid, and tap into your inner magic from enchanting Rhiannon.



Call her the original Triple Threat, as Brigid was believed to be a triple deity in Celtic mythology. She is the Goddess of poetry and healing, but also of fire and passion. Allow her to inspire you to reach into all aspects of your personality, because, like her, you contain multitudes.

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The Morrigan

Incredibly fearless, the Morrigan is the Celtic Goddess of war, but also associated with victory in battle and fate. Warriors wanted her on their side, but she marched to the beat of her own (war) drum. Remember her fierceness anytime you are unsure of yourself and she will give you strength.

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Enchanting and magical, Rhiannon appeals to pretty much everyone. Originally appearing as a horse Goddess, she is also known for her beauty and generosity. She will inspire you to take control of your own destiny and unique journey in life.


The accessories

Celtic symbols and motifs carry so much history and special meaning. From the eternal infinity ring to the elegant and ever-popular love knot, Celtic symbols have been treasured for centuries.

The Amulets

Clover Necklace

Symbol of luck and good fortune

Triple Moon Necklace

Symbol of divine feminine power

Skull Necklace

Symbol of vital-life

The Rings

Eternal Milgrain Band

Designed after ancient Celtic rings and cuffs

Love Knot Ring

Symbol of everlasting love

Infinity Knot Ring

Symbol of eternity of love and friendship

Diamond Triple Moon Band

Symbol of divine feminine power


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