Curating your collection with Goddess Charms

Curating your collection with Goddess Charms

Symbols have been used throughout history to depict concepts that are meaningful and oftentimes multidimensional.  These timeless icons transcend eras, generations, and even the human experience. Often found along with the depictions of Goddesses throughout history, these tokens capture the essence of each character and convey the same deep meaning represented by the Goddesses themselves. We wanted to bring that power of universal symbolism to the forefront of our Goddess charm collection and create pieces that could be worn together across collections.

When designing our Goddess Charms, we wanted to introduce pieces that were universally recognizable and commonly associated with each figure or represented synergistic ideas. These delicate tokens were designed with gemstones, which were uniquely selected depending on the piece. We recently redesigned the charms to allow for more flexibility in how it could be worn. We took action on the overwhelming amount of customer feedback, and charms can now be removed or added to any of our chains.  They could even be worn on the same chain as a Goddess necklace or a Women of Worship tablet!  

Worn solo or styled with multiple necklaces, our Goddess charms are a great way to further personalize your look.

Shop some of our favorite combinations:

Medusa + Snake Charm Necklace Set

Joan of Arc + Shield Necklace Set

Athena Set


Best selling charms such as Woman Power or the North Star are metaphors for strength and power and can easily be worn along with any Goddess. New charm options are launched regularly so there are plenty of chances to refresh your look. We love receiving suggestions for pieces to add to our assortment.

Top requests so far this year were a lion, elephant, and immaculate heart and are now available.

Not sure what combination is right for you? Choose from one of our best selling Goddess or Women of Worship layered sets or make your own unique combination! Look no further than Goddess charms to add extra meaning to your curated collection. 

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