Express Your Awe

What leaves you in Awe?

Is it the cosmos above? The roar of sacred tides? The majesty of nature? The power of love? Adorn yourself in a custom design that represents your unique Awe.

Our intricately detailed Goddess Pendants and gem-laden Amulets are designed to be collected and styled in powerful combinations using our innovative Earring Collector.

What’s your story?

An Awe Inspired Convertible Amulet Collector Necklace with two circles on it. A woman wearing a black top and Awe Inspired Convertible Amulet Collector Necklace.
Convertible Charm Necklace

$348.45 USD

$348.45 USD

Tell your story

Standard round Artemis pendant in gold Artemis Pendant

Greek Goddess of wild animals

An Awe Inspired Diamond Sword Amulet. Diamond Sword Amulet
Diamond Sword Amulet

$121.20 USD

$121.20 USD

Talisman of wit and fortitude

Diamond Moon Wave Amulet Diamond Moon Wave Amulet
Diamond Moon Wave Amulet

$121.20 USD

$121.20 USD

Embrace the changing tides


Our Magical Formula

Collector Earring + Mini Goddess(es) + Mini Amulet(s)

Three choices. Millions of combinations. One unique Awe.

Make it truly yours.

1. Collector

Choose a complete Collector Necklace or Bracelet, or add a Collector Link to any necklace chain.

2. Goddesses

Add the Goddesses you relate to and aspire to be.

3. Amulets

Add Amulets with powerful symbols and magical gemstones.