What is a Mantra?

What is a Mantra?

Mantras are words, sounds, or vowels that are usually repeated internally, spoken, or sung. The origins of mantras are found in Vedic Sanskrit text in India almost 4,000 years ago. Since the birth of mantras, the practice of reciting them has spread across many cultures through religious or spiritual practices. They are often a modality to focus the meditative mind and strengthen connection to the higher self or power. The mantras from the Vedic Sanskrit texts, Om (or Aum) being the most popular, remain well known and in wide use throughout the world.

Since scientists have begun to study meditation and mantra they have often confirmed benefits, like nervous system regulation and higher mental clarity. These benefits were already known to the original cultures that have used them for thousands of years for this exact purpose.

In modern times, with the popularization of the placebo effect, many people started adopting the style of practicing mantra, but replaced the traditional sounds and Sanskrit words with positive affirmations. A positive affirmation being a phrase that is often aspirational or validating to a way of being we wish to maintain. The early 20th century French pharmacist Emile Coue famously noticed that his patients' medicine was more effective when he asked them to state positive affirmations about their health while taking it. Psychologists and the positive thought movement have helped further maintain the popularity of positive affirmations that align oneself with life goals, desired states of being, and wellness. 

A large factor of the widespread use of mantra-like affirmations is that people find a deep sense of meaning and closeness to their true selves and goals, either by using them or finding motifs of the messages they connect and aspire to. Many have connected to our Goddess collection as motifs to remind them of strength, beauty, intelligence, and the overcoming of hardship they would like to affirm in their lives.

The founding intent of Awe Inspired is to create high quality and meaningful jewelry that inspires people to feel empowered. The Mantra Collection introduces five affirmations in necklace form with this purpose. 

Die with Memories not Dreams

Inhale the future, Exhale the Past

Everything I Need is Within Me

Say Yes to New Adventures

I am Worthy of Abundance

Wear your mantra to serve as a reminder of your dreams, purpose, and to stay aligned with your true self.

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