The Lilith Collection

A muse that inspires conversations about modern femininity and self-expression, Julia Fox is a writer, actress and the embodiment of Lilith, the dark Goddess of female strength, defiance, and sexual liberation.

Together, Julia Fox and Awe Inspired launch The Lilith Collection, in celebration of the power
and freedom of the dark feminine.

The Woman, The Myth, The Legend

In the tapestry of mythology, you find Lilith a powerful figure reaching across many cultures, from Mesopotamian myth to Judeo-Christian folklore, embodying the shadow that lies hidden deep within the soul.

Her story begins in the Garden of Eden, as Adam’s first wife before Eve. While Eve was made from Adam’s rib, Lilith emerged from the same earth Adam did. For refusing to submit her body to Adam and live in his shadow, she was banished. She was meant to serve as a warning to keep women and girls subservient, but the feminine spirit is anything but weak.

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Lilith denied Adam’s power, and in her defiance she grew stronger. Burning down the way of things before they even began, she claimed her body, her mind, and her heart, paving the way for women and girls to make their own choices. Under the protection and guidance of Lilith, we break away from constraints and walk free of shame.

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Lilith does not live in the shadow of anyone. The Black Moon Lilith in astrology is the dark side of the moon, the void that is only frightening if you don’t take a chance to keep beyond the dark veil.

This place encourages you to study the side of yourself that you don’t wish others to see, and reclaim that raw, vibrating energy. Within those hidden parts of ourselves, there are depths of discoveries waiting to be found.

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