World Poetry Day: Poet Jacy Rodriguez Speaks From The Soul

World Poetry Day: Poet Jacy Rodriguez Speaks From The Soul

Sonnet, ballad, haikus or limericks — we’re celebrating World Poetry Day by highlighting Poet, Jacy Rodriguez, Founder & CEO of The Poetry Club, an online based poetry club that features up and coming poets and hosts weekly spoken word events via Instagram. 

World Poetry Day was founded by The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1999 and it reminds us to appreciate this millenia old artistic medium that is a pillar of humanity and honors the bewitchment of metaphors and beauty of creative expression. 

Rodriguez shared with us an original poem that is inspired by women and their inherent strength and resiliency. 

Super Woman 

When I look at her in the distance and Admire her existence,

I imagine what it would be like 

To be as strong as she. 

I wonder could I ever be far more than 

what I believe?

Could I have the power to fully embrace my body and my face? 

Loving every part of the validation I no longer chase.

Could I fly high with a beautiful cape and escape from the villains who wish my soul to take…

Could I defeat the pain? 

Could I Dance in the rain? 

Could I help bring light to the darkness in 

the lives of those who have survived 

The traumas that I sympathize, empathize and identify with. 

Could I be able to create a safe place or two where me and you could come together and heal?  Could I have the courage like her to always keep it real? The faith to kneel? 

I walk over to that woman to tell her how I feel, 

When I wave, she waves. 

When I smile, she smiles 

And we stare at each other for a while… 

Tears of joy stream down our face at the exact same time and immediately I find 

That it all makes sense,

It all seems clear,

I have always had the power,

I’m the super woman in the mirror. 

 - Jacy Rodriguez 


At Awe, we celebrate Strong Women everyday and we’ve put together some of our best selling Goddesses that many of our customers wear daily to channel their own strength. 

Independent and fiery: Artemis

Wise and altruistic: Athena

Enchanting and audacious: Circe

Powerful and unconquered: Cleopatra

Artistic and resilient: Frida Kahlo 

Daring and determined: Harriet Tubman

Majestic and savage: Hera

Fierce and fearless: Joan of Arc

Expressive and trailblazing: Marsha P. Johnson

Feared and revered: Medusa

Humble and devoted: Mother Mary

Loyal and rebellious: Mulan

Empathetic and sensual: Oshun

Generous and kind: Rhiannon

Enlightened and notorious: Ruth Bader Ginsburg
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