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Step into the enchanting world of Awe Inspired, where each piece of jewelry is a testament to the harmony of spiritual wellness and aesthetic beauty. Our layering gift sets are meticulously curated to weave wonder, magic, and meaning into your everyday style. With these sets, the power of choice is yours, allowing for endless possibilities to express your unique essence through the art of layering.

Our layering gift sets feature an exquisite selection of sterling silver and gold vermeil that promise not only to adorn but also to inspire. From the timeless elegance of chain bracelets to the sophisticated charm of hoop earrings or chain necklaces, each piece is crafted with the utmost attention to detail. Whether you're seeking to elevate your jewelry collection or find that perfect set of hoop earrings, our new arrivals and best sellers showcase the pinnacle of jewelry design.

At Awe Inspired, we believe that your jewelry should last a lifetime of wear and memories. This is why we provide detailed care instructions with each piece, ensuring that your sterling silver, solid gold jewelry, and fine jewelry remain as timeless as the moments they commemorate. Our commitment to exceptional customer service mirrors the quality and beauty of our collections, ensuring a shopping experience that is as seamless and satisfying as the elegance our jewelry brings to your life.Let Awe Inspired be your guide in the world of fine jewelry, where each piece is a celebration of beauty, purpose, and the endless possibilities of self-expression.

Layering Sets & Gift Boxes FAQs

Care & Repair

How do I care for my Awe jewelry?

We hope you love your Awe jewelry for generations. In order to protect it, we recommend using your Awe polishing cloth to clean your piece regularly as elements such as air pollutants, dust, perspiration, perfumes, lotions, hairspray, make-up, sun tan lotion, deodorant, body oils and other natural elements can dull the appearance of gemstones and precious metals .

Please avoid the following which can cause damage to the piece:

Do not use jewelry cleaner

Do not use soap or any other cleaning agents

Do not wear your jewelry while bathing, showering, or swimming

Do not expose your jewelry to salt water or chlorine

Do not use a polishing cloth containing any rouge

How should I store my Awe jewelry

When not in use, store your jewelry in your Awe gift box or pouch.

How can I get an item repaired?

If you should experience a need for repair on any Awe jewelry, please email Please reference your Name, Order Number and Repair Issue. Awe will repair at no charge any breakage caused by manufacturer defect within 365 days of receipt of purchase. Repairs needed after 365 days or deemed to be caused by misuse will incur a repair charge at the customer’s expense. Repairs will be assessed on an individual basis.


Why Awe?

Awe Inspired is more than a brand; it's our promise to create jewelry that is truly worthy of the person who leaves you in Awe. Our Los Angeles-based artisans pour their hearts into crafting each design with over a century's worth of collective expertise, ensuring every detail, from the Goddesses' graceful contours to the intentional symbology, is steeped in meaning and heritage.

We never use mass-produced designs and cheap base metals that flake and turn the skin green, choosing instead to work with the finest ethically sourced precious metals and gemstones. Our 14k yellow gold vermeil and sterling silver creations are not only an embodiment of empowerment and lasting beauty, but with an accessible price point – because we believe everyone deserves to Live in Awe.

When you wear Awe Inspired, you carry a symbol of strength and intention, with state of the art craftsmanship and meaningful, historically accurate attention to detail infused in every hand-polished piece. And with every piece sold, we give back to our community and the causes we believe in, championing women's empowerment and crafting a legacy of positive impact to inspire Awe for years to come.

Is Awe jewelry ethically sourced?

Our commitment to ethical sourcing is the cornerstone of our philosophy. We use only the highest-grade hypoallergenic precious metals and genuine gemstones, ensuring our jewelry is not only beautiful, but also kind to your skin, worthy of adoration and durable enough to be part of your everyday life.

Is the jewelry hypoallergenic and nickel free?

Yes, our jewelry is hypoallergenic and nickel free, and is made of only sterling silver, 14k gold, and precious gemstones. Our use of gold vermeil, 14k solid gold bonded to a sterling silver base, ensures that our pieces are not only durable but also capture the fine detail work that is often lost in other gold-filled jewelry. This meticulous process, inspired by 18th century Parisian techniques, allows us to offer the opulence and longevity of solid gold at an accessible price point that invites everyone to experience Awe. Finally, each piece is hand polished to a radiant finish, because Awe is more than just jewelry.

Can I order Awe in solid gold?

Yes, select Goddess coins are available in solid 14k white or yellow gold. Shop solid gold here.