Your Gift Guide for the Empathetic & Nurturing Cancer

Your Gift Guide for the Empathetic & Nurturing Cancer

The official start of summer also coincides with the beginning of Cancer season. As a result, it is a time when you might feel the need to go on adventures, make great memories, spend time with loved ones, and, also, relax. Spiritually, the summer solstice and Cancer season also usher in a time of abundance and the materialization of dreams. If you are a Cancer, draw on this energy to reach your goals and set new intentions.

Ruled by the moon, Cancers tend to be deeply emotional and sensitive people. They are also extremely generous, natural-born caretakers, compassionate and warm, and dependable. Their kind natures make them appreciative of every type of gift they receive, but, of course, there are some gifts that will make the Cancer in your life feel unaccountably happy and understood.

Our Oceans Collection is a great place to start when looking for a gift for a Cancer. Yemaya, a major water spirit from the Yoruba religion, is a Goddess any Cancer will immediately identify with. She is maternal and nurturing, but can also be rather formidable when drawing on her well of deep inner strength. The Yemaya + Amazonite Crystal Necklace Set should be worn by all Cancers to show their love for the sea while enhancing creativity and intuition.

A Cancer’s lucky stones are pearls and opals, which are also included in our Oceans Collection. Consider the Freshwater Double Pearl Hoop Earrings or the Opal Drop Necklace as beautiful, elegant, and timeless pieces to gift a Cancer.

No Cancer would feel complete without a piece of the moon. Our Triple Moon Ring symbolizes divine feminine power in all of its aspects. The Lunula Necklace is another moon-related piece that will delight any Cancerian with its beauty and protective energy.

Cancers may be water signs drawn to the sea, but they love earthly beauty as well. The Daisy Necklace from our best-selling Flowers Collection is a lovely piece symbolizing hope and new beginnings that will appeal highly to the sensitive Cancer.

Cancers often have positive auras, thanks to their genuinely warm and considerate spirits. The Blush Quartz Aura Ring aligns with the heart chakra to make love easy to both give and receive.

Our beloved Affirmations Collection features meaningful pieces that will speak to the heart and soul of any Cancerian. The “Inhale The Future Exhale The Past” Necklace is especially significant to Cancers, because it will remind them to accept the past while looking to the future with hope and optimism. 

Finally, appeal to a Cancer’s natural caregiving characteristics with our Florence Nightingale Goddess Necklace and remind them that they’re a dynamic and capable sign with our Cancer Zodiac Piece.

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