Your Gift Guide for the Down-To-Earth and Resilient Taurus

Your Gift Guide for the Down-To-Earth and Resilient Taurus

Perhaps no other zodiac sign appreciates beauty as much as a Taurus does. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Taureans can be quite sensual, delighting in things that feel comfortable and cozy, and excite all the senses. Taurus energy is also calm and serene – when they want something, they go after it…but it’s at a slow and steady pace. 

Luxurious, beautiful, and well-made/high-quality items will make any true Taurus feel loved and appreciated. Our gift guide takes this into account, with pieces that are timeless, exquisitely made, and meaningful. The Taurus in your life will be swept away by the stunning craftsmanship and attention to detail of our Goddess necklaces, amulets, earrings, and so much more.

To start, we have our new Nymph Necklace, part of the Mythical Creatures Collection. In Greek mythology, nymphs are nature-bound demi-goddesses who love and protect the natural world. As Taureans also feel a deep connection with nature, they will love keeping this necklace close to their heart.

Pearls are associated with Aphrodite (AKA Venus) and have always been symbols of beauty and purity. Our Pearl Hoop Earrings are delicate and beautiful in a way that will appeal to a Taurus’ appreciation of the magic of nature and the unique manner in which pearls are formed.

What symbolizes beauty in nature more than the butterfly? Any Taurus will agree that butterflies are beautiful in every way, thanks to their dainty, ethereal, and delicate nature. Our Dark Butterfly Ring allows the wearer to keep something so exquisite and ephemeral near and dear to them.

The Pomegranate Necklace is a great gift for a Taurus because it represents life, fertility, and beauty. The down-to-earth Taurean personality will respect this symbolism and the connection that pomegranates have to both nature and the divine.

No gift guide can be complete without the Taurus Zodiac Necklace, which features a woman riding a bull on one side and the Taurus constellation on the other. If the Taurus you are gifting loves astrology, they will want to wear this necklace every single day.

The sacral chakra, represented by our Orange Aura Necklace, is associated with sensuality and creativity, and its main function is to promote pleasure and an enjoyment of life. It’s perfect for any Taurus!

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