Your Gift Guide for the Social and Curious Gemini

Your Gift Guide for the Social and Curious Gemini

Notoriously the social butterfly of the zodiac, it’s no coincidence that Gemini season begins at the end of spring and ushers in the energy and enchantment of the summer equinox like a celebratory pre-party. Ruled by Mercury, the messenger planet of communication, Geminis naturally communicate through every possible medium and conveyance, and you know this if you have a Gemini in your life. So when it’s their season to radiate and they’re approaching their anticipated yearly fête, finding them a gift is truly pretty easy if you remember these three things: 

Number one: Geminis love things that are unique and feel original. Number two: Geminis do not have one style, they have many styles, so do not feel limited in what to get them. Number three:  Geminis are inherently youthful and love to have fun, so do not shy away from pieces that feel conversational and quirky. 

The Siren + Diamond Moonwave Necklace Set from our beloved Mythical Creatures Collection is an almost perfect gift for the naturally curious Gemini. The irresistible Siren symbolizes a bit of mystery and, paired with the Diamond Moonwave Necklace which represents the forces of ocean and moon, it’s a powerful totem for the twin sign. 

Did we already mention that Geminis are the social butterflies of the zodiac? The Butterfly Studs would be a sweet surprise for the air sign as butterflies spend much of their life floating with the breeze, visiting every flower and bringing joy to those who see them. Plus, they symbolize transformation, which Geminis are constantly doing. 

Goddess Rhiannon has been seen as a muse for many artists and songwriters and fellow Gemini Stevie Nicks said once at a live show, “This song’s about an old Welsh witch.” The Rhiannon Necklace seems fitting since she is known for her generosity, intelligence and bewitching nature, synonymous with the sign. 

One of our newest pieces is the Lunula Necklace from our Norse Collection. Worn by girls and young women as a protective talisman against negative forces, it is believed to symbolize the different phases of the moon and the moon’s illuminating, calming energy. With a lustrous moonstone in the center, which happens to be Gemini’s birthstones, it’s a stone of new beginnings, synchronicity, and intuition, and can help Gemini manifest positivity and healthy transitions throughout their journeys. 

Persephone is a Goddess in our pantheon that has two very different sides to her — just like Gemini. Goddess of the Springtime and Queen of the Underworld, Persephone is a complicated deity with many layers and a true enigma. The Persephone Necklace is a piece that would be a great conversation starter for loquacious Gemini. 

The new White Topaz Aura Ring from our Aura Collection was made for Geminis, as it aligns with your crown chakra. The white aura is the rarest of all auras, which Gemini loves because of their desire for individuality, and it’s said to help reflect a well-balanced personality. People with white auras are said to be open minded and seeking enlightenment, which our favorite twin sign is also always seeking. 

Lastly, everyone needs a symbol of their own zodiac sign, so the Gemini Necklace is a meaningful gift that is sure to inspire. One side features a pair of celestial Goddess twins and the other features their corresponding constellation. The twin celestial Goddesses represent clever, bright, and whimsical attributes, which are symbolic of this good-natured sign. 

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