Gift Guide: Your Gift Guide for the Driven and Reliable Virgos in Your Life

Gift Guide: Your Gift Guide for the Driven and Reliable Virgos in Your Life

Perfectionist? So, what’s wrong with that? Sometimes Virgos get called a perfectionist like it’s a bad thing, but it doesn’t always have to be viewed that way. Virgos happen to be meticulous and strategic (not unlike Goddess Athena) and they get sh*t done. That’s nothing to scoff at.

We want to celebrate this driven and ambitious side of Virgos, because, honestly, without this earth sign, the world would be run a lot less efficiently. Besides that, Virgos are also known for being kind, honest, reliable, loyal, and calm under pressure. In short, Virgos are like that mentor you had back in school who steered you in the right direction, or a parent figure who was always there to provide guidance, or even that wise stranger you met once who said something so profound, it changed your life forever.

Our Virgo Gift Guide features Awe pieces that reflect this kind, giving, and enlightened energy. We can start with the Earth & Crystals Collection, which includes benevolent Earth Goddesses and crystal amulets that can help ground a person and tune them into nature. The Large Crystal Quartz Amulet Necklace is a stunning piece that inspires clarity in the mind and body to help you be your best self. Likewise, the Gaia Goddess Necklace is perfect for anyone affectionately known as the “mom” of their friend or family group. Finally, the Poppy Wrap Ring is a great piece for Virgos who want to bring more positivity into their lives.

Another Goddess that radiates Virgo energy is Joan of Arc. The new Special Edition Joan of Arc Goddess Necklace exhibits the ardor Joan displayed in leading her country to victory, and she definitely has a lot in common with driven Virgos who accomplish whatever they set their minds to. 

The Orange Aura Necklace is also a gorgeous piece for the Virgos in your life. It aligns your sacral chakra to generate physical energy, giving strength to help see dreams and goals come to fruition. We want all Virgos to be in tune with their inner Goddess at all times, which is why the “Honor The Goddess Within” Affirmations Necklace is a must-have for this zodiac sign.

A Virgo’s opposite on the zodiac wheel is water sign Pisces, whose dreamy and intuitive energy helps balance out a Virgo’s more practical one. Aphrodite, Goddess of beauty and love, is the perfect embodiment of both of these energies, and her necklace in gold vermeil absolutely belongs in a Virgo’s jewelry drawer. The lustrous Opal Drop Necklace from the Oceans Collection will also resonate with any Virgo who has a genuine love of the planet and all its natural treasures.

Don’t forget to get the beautiful and multi-faceted Virgo Zodiac Pendant, featuring Virgo as a maiden on the front and the Virgo constellation on the back.


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