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The Moon Phases Collection

Whether it’s the power the moon holds over the tides or the way its light has accompanied humans through darkness for millennia, this cosmic satellite has always been a potent source of energy. The Moon Phases Collection calls attention to the lunar magic that can soothe us, guide us, and enliven us.

Special edition Hecate

The time has come for casting new spells… to manifest, to protect, to create. Our Special Edition Hecate Goddess Pendant fills you with the strength to move into a fresh phase of life, where you can fully grow into your innate power. Let her singular magic flow into you.

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While Goddess Hecate may lead this collection, our other styles embody the powerful energy of the moon.

Goddesses who embody lunar magic

In addition to Hecate, here are other moon and magic-related Goddesses to ignite your inner power.


Greek goddess of the moon

The Morrigan

Celtic goddess of war


Queen of the underworld


Symbol of female empowerment


Goddess of sorcery

September’s stunning
harvest moon



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