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Ready to get inspired? Get a deeper look into our empowering designs, the Goddesses we honor, and the work we do to support our charity partners.

  • Meet Kendyl: The Tattooed Hijabi

    Kendyl came to us through another Lister, Fatima, and we were so honored to meet her. During her many-year-long battle with Crohn's Disease, Kendyl found comfort and inspiration in Islam and now uses her platform on Instagram and YouTube to inspire young hijabis to live empowered lives. We are in AWE of her wisdom and individuality, and love how she slays our Diamond Signet Ring. 
  • Meet Catherine: The Lyme Warrior

    Catherine is a fiercely talented and inspirational women. We are thrilled to have her wear our Inspiration Choker as she works to empower her incredible following, be it lyme warriors or the 50 bloggers in her Fierce 50 movement to remind women over 50 that they are #ALIVEandEMPOWERED.
  • Meet Natalia: Runway Bionica

    Natalia is one to watch. Not only is she stunning beyond words, but she is also a bone cancer survivor (her leg is literally bionic, but you wouldn’t know it the way she slays that runway!). She's a humanitarian, a fierce feminist, and a beautiful soul. We are in AWE of her rising star and are thrilled to have her wearing our Serenity Choker.
  • Meet Kelly: The Self-Love Champion

    All I ever wanted was to shine, but forcing myself to shrink robbed me of my light and my life. I want to empower myself and this body every day, and I really want to remember that it's okay to feel like it's such an effort sometimes. It's been life saving to understand that I deserve empowerment, not punishment. My whole life I felt like I was different and that I looked 'wrong' simply because I never saw someone who looked like me embracing their body, and no one taught me how. I never knew other people struggled with their relationship with food either. So, every single day, I pushed myself so hard to change and be 'better,' shaming myself every step of the way.
  • Meet Elyse: The AWEsome Activist

    Elyse is a #MentalHealthWarrior. She's the founder of the Sad Girls Club, a nationwide movement of young women seeking community and shared experience in the face of mental illness. She has become an icon in the mental health community on social media and has been featured around the web on sites like Bustle, Elite Daily, Teen Vogue, and Refinery29. We are so inspired by her drive to empower the next generation of #MentalHealthWarriors and encourage everyone to visit to support her incredible mission. 
  • Meet Elliott: The Be You Be True Supermodel

    Elliott Sailors has a simple yet imperative slogan: #BeYouBeTrue. Elliott encourages her thousands of followers to embrace their true identity and demands that the brands and media that shape our perception of the world promote diversity and inclusion. An outspoken LGBTQ+ rights activist, Elliott is taking conversations surrounding gender politics to the highest echelons of the fashion industry. We are proud to support her #BeYouBeTrue movement and honored to have her wearing our Unity Band as she takes on the world. 
  • Meet Sarah: The Self-Love Guru

    Sarah is on a mission to inspire other to life their happiest, healthiest, and most badass lives from the inside out. Her belief is crystal clear -- at any age,size, or weight - and no matter how you feel you "messed up" in the past -- each day is a chance to create a life that fuels you and brings joy. 
  • Meet Yasaman: The Mental Health Makeup Maven

    “You are not only starting an important dialogue about mental health, but you are also telling your friends and family that they are not alone in their struggles, and most importantly you are proving to yourself that you are one incredibly brave person.”
  • Meet Sofia: The Bionic Yogi

    Sofia is a shining light: her energy radiates positivity, happiness, and serenity (plus, she looks fantastic in our Serenity Choker). Osteosarcoma forced her to replace the majority of her left leg with titanium, but that only pushed her harder to start her “Bionic Yogi” movement. We are in AWE of her inspirational lifestyle blog dedicated to getting fellow cancer survivors back to health.


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