Honoring (and Remembering) the Personal Ways We Can Celebrate Mother's Day

The core of Mother’s Day is pure, thoughtful, meaningful and beautiful but like most holidays, it can be a hard one to navigate, especially if the feeling of loss overshadows the day. Most of us have experienced loss as we have moved through our life’s seasons and whether it was of our own mother or of something symbolic, the gravity of it is our own. It’s something that even on a mundane Tuesday afternoon or another celebratory holiday, we have to work through and find ways to harness our inner strength and honor the memory of the person or energy we’re remembering. 

We get a lot of messages from our community about why they purchased or were moved by a specific product. A lot of the reasons center around their own personalities or intentions for themselves but the next reason typically goes into a direction of remembrance of something or someone. 

This Mother’s Day we created several types of gift guides and collections for every type of gifting for the holiday (self-gifting, mother/daughter gifting and gifting for the various moms in your life) but we also wanted to respect the other types of Mother’s Day gifting that we do not talk about as often—that sometimes carries a meaning so personal and often illustrates a connection or bond that transcends this physical life. That feels bespoke to the wearer simply because of the deeper significance it possesses. 

For the person who is mourning the heavy loss of their own mother, who wishes for one last embrace, one last phone call or who sees their mother’s smile on their own children’s face and hears her voice when tasked with a challenge that feels unbearable, we love the idea of a special locket to keep a picture of her near us always and our Diamond Moon Locket reminds us that like the Moon, her spirit is always with us… even on our darkest nights. 

For the person who is reflecting on their relationship with their mother, or lack thereof and this day brings them more grief and heartbreak than joy, we find that the symbolism of the powerful Sphinx + Wing Set offers a sense of protection and extra guardianship for the heart and spirit. The combination of these two mighty symbols remind us of our internal power and resilience to rise above and to let us soar beyond the clouds and the cards we were dealt. 


For those that long to celebrate Mother’s Day as a mother themselves, but have been robbed from holding the title, or are in the beginning stages of trying or who have had to smile through one too many baby showers while they are silently suffering, we feel like the Bouquet Necklace is the perfect expression of hope and promise. Daffodils for optimism, Poppies for peace and Daisies for new beginnings.  

For the mother who often looks into the mirror searching for a glimpse of her past life—the young woman she once was. And although would not change a thing, sometimes longs for that carefree girl who danced until dawn, lived only for herself and whose dreams were as endless as her energy, we’d give her the Siren + Diamond Moonwave Necklace Set to remind her that she is still filled with mystery and alluring magic. That her divine inner Goddess sometimes needs to be summoned up so that she feels the freedom of dancing until dawn again.  

For the mother who has felt loss in her womb or who is putting on a brave face for her family, her friends, her co-workers. Who misses a little soul more than they can describe. Who looks to nature for signs, who asks the universe for answers, who feels her loss in every inch of her body, we’d give her the Butterfly Necklace because in many cultures, Butterflies are seen as spirits and great metaphors for representing rebirth, transformation, change, hope, and life—because after a loss so great, it is nearly impossible to ever be the same.  

For the mother that wishes for a do-over and who would have loved to be a different type of mother. Who vows to be the best grandmother and who sees it all so differently now. Who has healed and who is working to end generational trauma. Who mourns the mother she could have been if things were different while she was in the thick of it, we’d give her the Gaia Goddess Necklace in hopes that she will forgive herself and remember that life is constantly moving and that we do the very best we can with what we were given. We’d love to encourage her to be kinder to her past self. 

For all of those that spend Mother’s Day with a mixed bag of feelings and sentiment, and who equally celebrate and dread this day for reasons that are sometimes even impossible to articulate — we see you. We hold space for you and honor how you choose to observe it. 

We revere and respect the pain and we revel in the joy with you. 

To those that need the reminder: be gentle to yourself. You’re doing your best. 


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