Mini Aphrodite Necklace - Limited Edition


Material: 14k Rose Gold Vermeil
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Aphrodite is the ancient Greek goddess of love, beauty, and gracefulness. She was born from the waters of Paphos and as she walked ashore, flowers sprang up from her feet.

Goddess Theme Song Your theme song Venus by Shocking Blue

Charming, graceful, beautiful. You’re a true romantic and idealist and exude that energy to everyone around you.

  • You can always wear white because you’re chic as hell and never spill anything
  • You glow from within… or maybe it’s your 15-step skincare routine
  • Always hoping for your own rom-com “meet cute”


  • Handcrafted and Hand-polished LIMITED EDITION 14k rose gold vermeil (thick 3 micron coat of 14k rose gold on a solid sterling silver base)
  • 18" (with a jump-ring at 16") 14k rose gold vermeil saturn chain with a lobster claw clasp
  • 15mm diameter, 1.5mm thick Aphrodite pendant with a dynamic triangular bale
  • Includes our brand booklet describing your chosen Goddess’ characteristics
  • If your Awe jewelry has a clear security sticker attached, it must be returned with the sticker unmoved and in its original position. We reserve the right to deny any returns where the security sticker has been removed or tampered with.
14k Rose Gold Vermeil
14k Rose Gold Vermeil

We’ve perfected our vermeil technique for superior durability. We coat a pure sterling silver base with 3 microns of 14k gold. The 2 microns used by other vermeil jewelers is not enough, and their 18k gold is too soft and will wear off.

  • thically Sourced materialsEthically Sourced materials – DEP and FLA certified
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Aphrodite IRL Style Tips


Soak it Up

A luxe bath or a jump in the pool, Aphrodite was born of the sea, so make sure you cleanse and repeat.



Less is More

Highlight your Aphrodite aura with peachy cheeks and a soft smile. Let that inner beauty shine, babe.



Write Your Own Rules

No white after Labor Day says who? The Goddess of love, beauty and grace made her own fashion rules and so should you.


Who’s Your Inner Goddess?

Discover which goddess of past, present, or mythology best matches your personality.