Organic Indoor Kit by Arber

Fuel houseplant and garden growth while minimizing disease and pests with our indoor plant wellness.. Read more
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About the Product

Fuel houseplant and garden growth while minimizing disease and pests with our indoor plant wellness program. Each kit includes a full-sized Organic Plant Food, Organic Bio Fungicide, Organic Bio Insecticide, 32oz Spray Bottle, and 2oz Measuring Cup.

Fulfilled by our friends at Arber



For optimal results, follow our Indoor Plant Wellness Routine below:

Defend: Mix together 0.25 oz Bio Fungicide and 0.25 oz Bio Insecticide with 32 oz water or 1 oz Bio Fungicide and 1 oz Bio Insecticide with 1 Gallon of water. Apply directly to soil and foliage every 10-14 days for wellness.

Feed: Mix 1 oz Plant Food with 32 oz water or 4 oz Plant Food with 1 Gallon of water. Apply directly to soil every 10-14 days for wellness.


Organic Plant Food

To make our proprietary Plant Food, we rescue produce from the supermarket that was originally destined for the landfill. We apply an enzyme that rapidly digests the food waste, resulting in complex forms of nutrients including carbohydrates, amino acids (proteins), organic acids, and fats. This nutrient dense liquid compost becomes an ideal form of energy for plants and soil organisms that help them thrive.

Active Ingredients:

Total Nitrogen (N): 3%

Available Phosphate (P205): 2%

Soluble Potash (K20): 1%

Net Contents:1 pint/ 16oz concentrate

Organic Bio Fungicide

Arber's Organic Bio Fungicide is made from a unique strain of bacteria originally discovered in a rice field in Northern California. We grow and concentrate two major groups of natural compounds to make a powerful combination that stops germinating plant disease spores. Our good bacteria grows over the surface of leaves and roots, creating a protective shield that wards off bad bacteria and prevents disease from developing.

Active Ingredients:

Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain F727* cells and spent fermentation media: 96.4%

Other Ingredients: 3.6%

*Contains a minimum of 1x109 cfu/mL of product Net Contents:1 pint/ 16oz concentrate

Organic Bio Insecticide

One of our more unique ingredients, this product is made from a new species of bacteria found near a Buddhist temple in Japan. As the bacteria grow, they make a cocktail of over 20 natural compounds that work together as a pest control and a plant stimulant. While the control stops feeding and development, the stimulant acts to increase root hair growth leading to a healthier plant. With multiple active compounds, the complexity greatly reduces the possibility of resistance.

Active Ingredients:

Heat-killed Burkholderia spp, strain A396 and spent fermentation media spent fermentation media: 94.46%

Other Ingredients: 5.54%

*Contains not less than 1,500 Beet Armyworm Killing Units (BAWKU)/mg of active ingredient. Note: The percent active ingredient does not indicate product performance and potency measurements are not federally standardized. Net Contents:1 pint/ 16oz concentrate

Vendor: Arber

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