that celebrate INDIVIDUALITY, foster
and leave people in AWE.

Our company

Mission Driven. Female
Founded. Family Run.

Awe Inspired was founded in 2018 by three-time cancer survivor Jill Johnson and her son Max to make meaningful and exceptional quality gifts for anyone looking to honor a survivor in their life.

Since then, Awe become a symbol of strength for tens of thousands of customers. The team now also includes Jill’s younger son Adam and an awe-mazing group of people dedicated to enhancing the human experience through gifting and giving back.

Our Product Promise

Meaningful & made to last a lifetime

Awe jewelry is crafted from the finest materials using precious metals and ethically sourced gemstones. Our founder Jill has been designing and manufacturing diamond and gold jewelry for over 30 years. Our pieces are free of alternative base metals and brass. Swipe through to learn more about our materials and our commitment to quality and product excellence.

Solid 14k Gold

We make our solid gold jewelry with 14k gold. Why? 18k or 24k gold is softer and will show signs of wear more easily. Our customers tend to wear their Goddess pieces every day; 14k provides superior durability and a more desirable color.

To maintain your solid gold’s lister, gently clean your pieces after wear with your Awe polishing cloth and store in your Awe velvet pouch.

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14k Yellow Gold Vermeil

We’ve perfected our vermeil technique for superior durability. We coat a 925 sterling silver base with 3 microns of our signature 14k Hamilton yellow gold. The 2 microns used by other vermeil jewelers is not enough for our standards.

Remove vermeil pieces before exercising, showering, or swimming. Gently clean your pieces after wear with your Awe polishing cloth and store in your Awe velvet pouch between wears.

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Sterling Silver

Our 925 sterling silver is free of nickel and other allergenic metals. We coat our silver in rhodium — among the rarest of precious metals — which gives is superior luster and durability.

Avoid water when wearing sterling silver, which can cause it to oxidize. Gently clean your pieces after wear with your Awe polishing cloth and store in your Awe velvet pouch.

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Diamonds and Gemstones

We demand that our diamond and gemstone suppliers adhere to the Kimberley Process and the World Diamond Council’s System of Warranties, which prevents the distribution of conflict gemstones and blood diamonds. Our diamonds and gemstones are ones you can trust.

To keep your gemstones brilliant, clean gently in warm water with a soft brush.

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Sourced with care

Our manufacturing
& supply chain

We are forever grateful to our master jewelers; every Awe piece is made by hand with care, love, and deep friendship. We will always keep quality and the complete satisfaction of those involved in our supply chain top of mind.

Our team has been manufacturing jewelry for over three decades and has forged trusting and dependable relationships with the finest artisans around the world. We manufacture our pieces stateside in Minneapolis, Miami, and New York, and abroad in Vincenza, Italy; Istanbul, Turkey; and Bangkok, Thailand.

Made with care

Our dedication to fair
labor & sustainability

We hold our factories to the highest employee welfare standards and require reporting on their workplace conditions, dedication to using environmentally sound manufacturing techniques, equal and fair wage policies, and proof of healthcare benefits for all employees. Our manufacturing partners meet all Department of Environmental Protection certifications pertaining to employee health as well as environmental consciousness during all manufacturing and disposing of waste. Our partners also comply with the Fair Labor Association workers protection standards to ensure a safe environment for all.

Give back generously

Core to our mission is giving back aggressively to women most in need of support and assistance. We donate 20% of all proceeds to our charity partners. To date, we’ve given over $600,000 to these incredible organizations. You may choose which charity you’d like your Awe purchase to benefit at checkout.

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